Going Self-Employed with Endometriosis: Why I Did It, The Highs and Lows and My Tips Two Years In

Two years ago I went self-employed to help manage my endometriosis. Employment just wasn’t working for me - I had been signed off from work, I was struggling to explain the impact endometriosis was having on my mental health to my boss and in short, I simply felt unable to work. So in this episode, I’m exploring going self-employed for endometriosis, and diving into what life can be like for a business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer and the unique challenges they can face when journeying down this road with endo. Whilst this episode is about working for yourself, I do think the tips that I share are applicable to everyone, whether self-employed or employed, so I think it’s worth having a listen whatever your situation!

The Impact of Endometriosis on My Social Life and How I'm Learning to Manage It

Life with endometriosis isn’t always easy and it can have a huge impact on a person’s social life. In the past few years, I’ve really experienced this. But I believe that a life filled with joyful moments with the ones we love is possible with endometriosis. It just might look different from your ordinary ‘healthy’ person’s social life. So I’m currently exploring ways to expand and enrich my social life, from sending flowers to cosy nights in.

Raising Awareness and Creating Community for People of Colour with Endometriosis with Lauren Kornegay of ENDO Black

Lauren Kornegay is the founder of ENDO Black; a safe space and community for people of colour and African Americans affected by endometriosis. After being diagnosed with endometriosis and discovering that she couldn’t find any materials or information that represented her or didn’t centre around cis white women, she decided to go out and create it for herself and the communities that have been so underrepresented.

How I Exercise with Endometriosis

First things first, I’m not a physio therapist or personal trainer, but I am someone who likes to keep healthy, so this episode is all about what I’m learning about exercise with endometriosis and how I’m working towards my fitness goals.

What is PMDD with Laura Murphy of Vicious Cycle

PMDD, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder is an incredibly severe version of PMS, which can affect anyone with a period and can impact on their day-to-day lives. Like endometriosis, PMDD is often unheard of, misdiagnosed and ignored in today’s society and yet it affects 1 in 20 menstruators. In this episode, I chat to Laura about her lengthy diagnosis of PMDD, what the condition actually is and the cause behind it, PMDD symptoms and treatment options for anyone living with the disease.

Can You Eat Eggs and Dairy on the Endometriosis Diet?

My personal endometriosis diet is plant-based, so no eggs or dairy. In this episode, I dive into why I made that decision, the research I found along the way, how I feel health wise for cutting the two out and what my diet looks like now. I also explore what Henrietta Norton, Alisa Vitti and Maisie Hill have to say about dairy for hormone health and endometriosis.

How We Cope with Endometriosis as a Couple - A Conversation with My Boyfriend

Well, we’re getting a bit vulnerable over here. I know how many of you struggle in your relationships, especially in your romantic ones. A couple of weeks back I interviewed Mel Cox all about managing strains in a relationship due to endometriosis and I thought a real life example could be helpful. So today, I’m interviewing my boyfriend, Chris, all about what it’s like living with me and endometriosis.

What I Eat at The Weekend on The Endometriosis Diet

I love my comfort food, I love eating stereotypical junk food like pizzas, I love baking and I love sweet treats. I don’t deprive myself of these joys, instead, I’ve found ways to enjoy these and still look after my body. From choosing healthier treats, to knowing the signs of when I’ve maybe overdone it a little on the sugar, I explore how I eat for endometriosis even at the weekend - and still enjoy my food.

Managing Endodiet Overwhelm

In this episode, I’m talking about my experience of being totally overwhelmed by the endometriosis diet to having a clear and steady plan to tackle my endo in a manageable way. I’m sharing tips, reflections and practical suggestions you can begin implementing as soon as you’re ready.

Communication, Relationships and Endometriosis with Melanie Cox

Many of us with endometriosis struggle within our romantic relationships. Pain during sex, daily pain, chronic fatigue and mental health struggles can all cause tension in a relationship and it can be difficult to know how to communicate effectively in the face of these strains. So in this episode, I talk to Mel about effective communication methods between couples or prospective partners, how partners can support someone living with endometriosis and understanding what makes a healthy relationship.

The Endometriosis Diet On a Budget

in this episode, I’m getting REALLY honest. I tell you exactly how much I spend on food supplements and nutrition products, where I shop and tips on shopping more affordably. I also share the tools and resources that have enabled me to get really in control of my money and be able to eat for the endometriosis diet, even on my current small budget.

Period Power and Making Your Cycle Work for You with Maisie Hill

Chances are, you’ve heard of Maisie Hill. She’s currently taking the world of periods by storm with her incredible debut book Period Power, which reached the top 50 books on Amazon with days of its release. In this episode, we talk about Maisie’s story of period pain, the true power of tracking and working with the most difficult parts of our cycles, from the luteal phase to menstruation.

What I Eat In a Day on The Endometriosis Diet

This episode is about the reality of the endometriosis diet and how I base my meals around nutrition for endometriosis and hormone balance. This is about how to look after your body, feel better with endometriosis and enjoy your food. I hope this episode brings you some clarification around eating for endo, and inspires you to try out some delicious ways to reduce your symptoms!