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The Endometriosis Diet: Vegan Iced Chocolate Milk

The Endometriosis Diet: Vegan Iced Chocolate Milk

the endodiet
the endometriosis diet: vegan iced chocolate milk

I swear I think all the time about how I should do more savoury dishes on here. So firstly, I'm sorry - this isn't going to be my debut dinner or lunch recipe. BUT... I am bringing you endometriosis diet friendly vegan iced chocolate milk. Hallelujah I hear you say. Hallelujah indeed.

This summery drink was inspired by my amazing friend Pam's coffee shop, Crushed Bean. Last night she let me and the boy hang out that after hours and have a little film night with her projector. The boy made me an iced latte with decaf coffee and Oatly Barista. I was thinking how much I damn love an iced coffee in the warmer weather and what the hell I was going to do about that. And then I was like, duh - CHOCOLATE. And so today, I naturally caused chaos in my kitchen.

This Vegan Iced Chocolate Iced Milk is not supposed to replica a milkshake - it's supposed to remind you of drinking an iced coffee - it's smooth and slightly bitter from the cacao and looks so much like a coffee you can just pretend.

Also, I'm trying out moody shots. What do you think? Stay with me whilst I perfect!

So let's get down to the recipe...

the endometriosis diet

Vegan Iced Chocolate Milk Ingredients

Change quantities depending on your glass size, but I had a big one.

  • 250 ml Oatly Barista Milk (or plant-based milk of your choice)
  • Either 100ml of water OR double shot of decaf espresso plus water to make up measurement (if ya wanna give it that fake caffeine hit)
  • Couple of ice cubes
  • 2 - 3 heaped dessertspoons raw cacao powder
  • Half a teaspoon of vanilla essence or vanilla powder (I like this brand because it's organic and uses only natural ingredients in the essence)
  • One dessertspoon of maple syrup

 - If using espresso, prepare as normal.

- Add the cacao, maple syrup, about 4/5 ice cubes, espresso (if using) into a blender and whizz up until smooth.

- Check how much the ice cubes have melted down by, if the liquid now measures 150ml in total, then leave the water. If it's not there yet, add water and blend again until you have 150ml of the chocolate liquid. Add more cacao if you want it even stronger.

- In a separate glass or jug, add the vanilla essence or powder to your milk and put aside.

- Add icecubes to the bottom of a tall glass, pour over your chocolate shot and then add the milk on top, slowly to allow the mix to beautifully contrast and swirl.

- Sip out of a straw and jam for a bit.

As always, listen to your body. If you've got a pain flare, there's a chance the caffeine in the cacao and decaf coffee (if using) might heighten this pain and the maple syrup may too. I like my coffee without sugar and I'm always cutting down on sugar unless I'm treating myself, so when I usually make this I will be omitting the maple syrup or minimising it to just a teaspoon.

So, you know your body best, play around with what flavours you like and what your body responds to. I'm not a doctor or nutritionist, I just know what works for me, so please don't take the above as solid advice, but find out what works for you.

vegan iced chocolate milk

Hope you enjoy! x



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