YumUniverse Pantry to Plate: Bourbon Salted Chocolate-Pecan Cluster Nice Cream

For those of you who aren't familiar with Heather Crosby, her awesomeness and her awesome cooking over at Yum Universe, you're in for a treat over the next couple of weeks. Not only am I interviewing Heather for the podcast this afternoon, but she's kindly provided me with a recipe from her brand new cook book, to share with you guys. And it's ice-cream. And summer's coming. And it ticks a whole lot of endodiet boxes. So, yeah, it's a good day (well, endo is kicking in HARD right now, so other than that).

One Part Plant Pistachio Coconut Squares

So come Easter morning I'm sure I won't be the only one skipping on the hot cross buns, and instead of my usual granola or smoothie, I thought I'd treat myself to something that felt 'spring' like (if you can call food spring like?) and indulgent, yet endometriosis diet friendly. I've been meaning to give these One Part Plant Pistachio Coconut Squares a try, so I can't think of a better reason!

These babies are from Jessica Murnane's debut cookbook, One Part Plant - if you haven't heard of this awesome endosister, you can read my interview with her here.