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$50 off The Gluten-Free Baking Academy for This EndoLife Community!

$50 off The Gluten-Free Baking Academy for This EndoLife Community!

gluten-free baking academy

Get $50 Off The Gluten-Free Baking Academy with Special Code for This EndoLife

During Endometriosis Awareness Month, I'm spreading awareness of how we can live happier and healthier lives with this condition. One of the ways I've found the most relief, is through the endometriosis diet. To recap, the endo diet is all about reducing inflammation and toxins/chemicals/foods that can make it harder for our body to remove excess oestrogen or causes increased eostrogen. So that includes reducing or cutting our red meat, dairy, soy, caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol and gluten. I get it. When you read that list, you're most immediate thought is 'WTF do I eat then?!' Which is why I've partnered with the Gluten-Free Baking Academy to bring you $50 off before the course enrolment closes on March 4th pm EST/1am GMT. This code is only valid on March 4th from 8am EST until enrolment ends.

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By using the above affiliate link, you're helping me to help others with endometriosis.

gluten free-baking academy

So, what is the Gluten-Free Baking Academy?

The Gluten-Free Baking Academy is a 4 week online course by recipe creator,  founder of Yum Universe, and This EndoLife Podcast guest, Heather Crosby.

Heather Crosby discovered plant-based and gluten free eating helped her manage her chronic conditions, including intersitial cycstitis. But has always missed bread (like most of us) and has created the Gluten-Free Baking Academy to satisfy that craving.

The online course teaches you the foundations, tools and techniques of gluten free baking, with a total of 36 recipes (don't worry, you don't have to do them all!).

gluten free baking academy

What's Included in the Gluten-Free Baking Academy?

  • 18 video lessons (6 hours total) and 6 start-to-finish baking videos organized into 4 weekly modules:
  • Rules & Tools: What you need for gluten-free baking + why
  • Flatbreads: Unleavened breads from tortillas to skillet flatbreads
  • Quickbreads: Sweet and savory loaves + skillet quick breads
  • Yeasted Breads: Sandwich loaves, boules + even sourdough bread


  • 18 learn-at-your-own-pace video lessons
  • 6 start-to-finish baking videos - new!
  • Know-how about the new gluten-free rules, techniques, and tools
  • Know-how to bake gluten-free flatbreads
  • Know-how to bake gluten-free quick breads
  • Know-how to bake gluten-free yeasted breads
  • Easy shopping links with each module
  • Access to Community Classmates Group
  • 36 total game-changing, gluten-free recipes
  • 7 gluten-free flatbread recipes
  • 5 gluten-free quick bread recipes
  • 9 gluten-free yeasted bread and sourdough recipes - new!
  • 28 total eBook and PDF resources updated and expanded
  • BONUSES: extra vids, eBooks, 15 more recipes - new!
  • Continued access
gluten-free baking academy

Still Got Questions About The Gluten-Free Baking Academy?

If you're still not sure if The Endo Toolkit is right for you, I've interviewed Jess about her inspiration behind Know Your Endo and The Endo Toolkit on the podcast, and I also interviewed her on the blog about what can be expected of the course.  

Have a read, listen, browse if you want and see if it feels like something that's right for you.

To enrol or take the free course tour, check it out here.

gluten-free baking academy
gluten-free baking academy
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