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What To Do About Endometriosis and Painful Sex

What To Do About Endometriosis and Painful Sex

Painful sex is a common and but yet often ignored symptom of endometriosis. Many of the care we experience doesn’t really focus on sex, unless of course, it’s related to reproduction. To me, this says a lot about the values society places on women’s/people with vaginas’ sex lives, so I’ve been on my own journey in the past year or so to create my own healing approach to endometriosis and painful sex. And what I’ve come up with is essentially a toolkit to relieving and at least easing, dyspareunia.

In a recent column for Endometriosis News, I share my tool-kit and the ways in which it helps me reduce painful sex with endometriosis. You can read a snippet below or the full column here.

A Toolkit to Relieve Painful Sex

Many people with endometriosis experience painful sex. It can affect relationships, self-esteem, connection to oneself and the body, and sexual and general well-being.

For centuries women have been taught to suppress sexuality, and that pleasure was secondary in importance to men’s — or not important at all. This has led to many of us living with painful sex to “just ignore the problem and get on with it.” But problems don’t simply go away. Instead, they manifest into other areas of our lives, such as tension in our romantic relationships, increasing internal bodily pain, or pursuit of addictive methods to numb the problem.

I am thankful that society finally is discussing the issue of painful sex and addressing the problem with products and services. Below is a sex toolkit concept packed with options that aim to relieve or reduce pain during intimacy.


I find Ohnut brings the most immediate relief of anything else in my sex toolkit. The Ohnut was created by a fellow sufferer of painful sex, who after living for years with this problem in silence, decided to do something about it. She designed a doughnut-shaped sex tool that tailors penetration depths to a level of comfort. Worn on the penis, the Ohnut is a series of stackable rubber rings, which you can add or take away to allow experimentation. The relief I felt when using the Ohnut was immediate and the feedback from the endometriosis community has been overwhelmingly positive.

Read the rest here.

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