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Easy Exercises for Endometriosis

Easy Exercises for Endometriosis

My exercise routine has been evolving over time with endometriosis. At one point, I was hitting the gym at 6am because I had a boyfriend who told me I should (I know) but I was crashing from exhaustion by mid-day. I’m still working on being more active, but I’ve pretty much got the exercises that are best for me down.

My routine has developed slightly since writing the article below, to now include short cardio sessions during my follicular and ovulation phases, and the rest of my schedule involves strength training, yoga, and other easy exercises such as gentle walks and stretches. Everything I do exercise wise is tailored to suit the phase of my menstrual cycle I am in, and how my endometriosis symptoms are feeling.

In a recent article for Endometriosis Net, I wrote about how I stay active with endo and shared my specific favourite easy exercises for endometriosis. You can read a snippet from it below, or read the full article here.

How I Stay Active with Endometriosis

We all know exercise is good for us, but it’s also something that feels good to do once we get going with it. There are so many benefits to exercise, and I think it’s arguably even more important for those of us with endometriosis, especially when we feel like our bodies are weak or have let us down. Movement cannot only help us feel better physically and mentally, but it has the capability of helping us see our body in a different light too.

Whilst some of us are capable of doing amazing things with our bodies despite endometriosis, I find that using a gentler approach suits me best. So below are the key ways I stay active – even with endometriosis.


I don’t believe we should force ourselves through torturous workouts when we just don’t have the energy for it, so I also like to exercise according to where I am in my cycle. Whilst I practice yoga at any time, I up it during my pre-menstrual phase and menstrual phase as it’s gentler and helps alleviate some of the PMS symptoms I experience.

Read the rest of the article here.

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