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What is PMDD with Laura Murphy of Vicious Cycle

What is PMDD with Laura Murphy of Vicious Cycle

TRIGGER WARNING: This conversation includes repeated discussions about suicidal suicidal ideations.

PMDD, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder is an incredibly severe version of PMS, which can affect anyone with a period and can impact on their day-to-day lives. Like endometriosis, PMDD is often unheard of, misdiagnosed and ignored in today’s society and yet it affects 1 in 20 menstruators. Many doctors haven’t heard of PMDD, but with so many people experiencing suicidal thoughts and actions due to the condition, it’s essential that we raise awareness amongst the medical community and the public.

Laura Murphy is the Director and Co-Founder of Vicious Cycle PMDD. If you’ve ever searched up anything about PMDD online, chances are, Laura’s been involved. Laura is working tirelessly to raise awareness of this invisible disease and I am certain she won’t stop until we all know exactly what it is! I love Laura Murphy. I think this woman is an absolute powerhouse and I am so in awe of her courage and resilience in the face of such a debilitating condition.

In this episode, I chat to Laura about her lengthy diagnosis of PMDD, what the condition actually is and the cause behind it, PMDD symptoms and treatment options for anyone living with the disease. Our conversation may be a little different from what you’re used to hearing on the show, as most of te treatment options for PMDD are medical and hormone based, however, Laura does refer us to a video about holistic treatment for PMDD and I’m on the hunt for an expert!

This episode is such an important listen - whether you suffer with severe PMS or you know someone who does, you might learn something life changing in this episode.

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