This EndoLife Podcast - Episode 5

Bowel Surgery, The Effects of Zoladex, Living with Anxiety And The Benefits of Yoga and Reiki for Endometriosis with Vickie Williams of Vickie Williams Yoga

This EndoLife Podcast - Episode 5 with Vickie Williams of Vickie Williams Yoga Healing

Vickie Williams is a yoga teacher, reiki healer and theta healing practitioner with severe endometriosis. Since she was eleven years old, Vickie has dealt with intense endometriosis symptoms and was fainting repeatedly as soon as she began her period. When she was finally diagnosed, they discovered just how bad her endometriosis had progressed in all those years and since then, she's tried numerous treatments from the coil, to zoladex, to surgery. Now Vickie is facing the possibility of bowel surgery and an colostomy bag, but after seeing some dramatic and positive results, is giving the endometriosis diet and lifestyle changes a chance to help support her body.

This episode may not be what you're used to hearing from the podcast - Vickie's approach to endometriosis is both scientific and spiritual and her healing work features heavily in her own self-healing and management of endometriosis. We chat about how our experiences can affect our body, how yoga and alternative healing has improved her endometriosis symptoms and anxiety and her approach to western vs eastern medicine.

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