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Getting To Know Your Endometriosis With Jessica Murnane Of Know Your Endo and The Endo Toolkit

essica Murnane has been on the podcast and This EndoLife a couple of times before. Jessica is the founder of the One Part Plant Movement, is author of the One Part Plant cookbook, and is host of the One Part Podcast. She has stage IV endometriosis, and was once at the point of a hysterectomy - her last attempt was with a plant-based diet and it changed her life.

Now she's dedicated a new website, Know Your Endo and a new online course, The Endo Toolkit, to helping others live with the disease.

Chronic Migraines, Adrenal Fatigue And Endometriosis with Paige Gibbons of The Uterus and The Duderus

You might remember Paige from an interview I did with her last year, recently after the launch of her podcast The Uterus and The Duderus. Paige is the Uterus half of the show; and she shares her life with endometriosis (and advocates for women everywhere) with her co-host and best friend Nik. On top of that, she also has a YouTube channel; Fireside Chats with The Uterus, which is about the spiritual, mental and emotional side of living with endometriosis and other chronic diseases.