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What I Eat at The Weekend on The Endometriosis Diet

I love my comfort food, I love eating stereotypical junk food like pizzas, I love baking and I love sweet treats. I don’t deprive myself of these joys, instead, I’ve found ways to enjoy these and still look after my body. From choosing healthier treats, to knowing the signs of when I’ve maybe overdone it a little on the sugar, I explore how I eat for endometriosis even at the weekend - and still enjoy my food.

Managing Endodiet Overwhelm

In this episode, I’m talking about my experience of being totally overwhelmed by the endometriosis diet to having a clear and steady plan to tackle my endo in a manageable way. I’m sharing tips, reflections and practical suggestions you can begin implementing as soon as you’re ready.

What I Eat In a Day on The Endometriosis Diet

This episode is about the reality of the endometriosis diet and how I base my meals around nutrition for endometriosis and hormone balance. This is about how to look after your body, feel better with endometriosis and enjoy your food. I hope this episode brings you some clarification around eating for endo, and inspires you to try out some delicious ways to reduce your symptoms!

What is The Endometriosis Diet with Henrietta Norton of Wild Nutrition

Ever heard of the ‘endometriosis diet’ and have been confused about what it actually is? Then this episode is for you. Today is a career (and life) highlight - I’m getting to talk to Take Control of Your Endometriosis author Henrietta Norton. Henrietta Norton’s book was at the very beginning of my holistic journey with endo, and it was her words and endometriosis diet plan that helped me to really understand nutrition for endometriosis. If there’s an episode to listen to, it’s this one.