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Seed Syncing for Hormone Balance with Food Period

Seed Syncing for Hormone Balance with Food Period

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Today I’m talking to Britt from Food Period - a start up company, which in my opinion, is revolutionary. Food Period make 'moon bites'; natural and nutritious energy balls, which contain specific seeds that are used in the nutrition protocol known as seed syncing, which helps balance our hormones and create easier, healthier periods. As I’ve mentioned before, endometriosis is an oestrogen dominant disease, and seed syncing helps reduce oestrogen dominance and bring our hormones back into balance, so I was super excited to get Food Period on the show!

Jenn and Britt’s story to starting Food Period is pretty much jaw-dropping, with it all stemming from Britt’s diagnosis of blood cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which she’s thankfully now recovered from. Both Jenn and Britt go on a journey together to bring their periods and hormones back into balance, and are now on a mission to provide others with a natural option to regulate their periods and reduce the impact of menstrual related conditions like endometriosis.

If you’re keen to try out their seed syncing moon bites, the lovely girls at Food Period are offering $15 off your first box for the next 30 days with the code THISENDOLIFE To access this discount, you need to use this link or any of the links to Food Period on this page.

I really hope you enjoy them and I can’t wait to get started with seed syncing myself!

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