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Period Power and Making Your Cycle Work for You with Maisie Hill

Period Power and Making Your Cycle Work for You with Maisie Hill

Chances are, you’ve heard of Maisie Hill. She’s currently taking the world of periods by storm with her incredible debut book Period Power, which reached the top 50 books on Amazon with days of its release.

But despite what you might think, Maisie is not an overnight success. In fact, she’s been treating people with periods for over a decade. Maisie is a women’s health practitioner and birth doula, who is trained in acupunture, reflexology and aromatherapy, and is currently studying at the Integrative Women’s Health Institute and training to become a nutritional therapist. She’s also studied with Red School and Women's Health and Functional Nutrition Coach, Nicole Jardim. A lot of studying, right?

But that’s not where Maisie’s expertise ends; in fact, Maisie suffered from crippling periods. Endo-level kind of painful periods. And it was her experience of that pain and healing it, which led her down the path of helping others and eventually, writing Period Power.

I cannot tell you how much I loved this book. It spoke my language and if I could ensure it was stocked in every school in the country, I would!

In this episode, we talk about Maisie’s story of period pain, the true power of tracking and working with the most difficult parts of our cycles, from the luteal phase to menstruation. I got to ask some really nitty-gritty questions which I think you guys will really resonate with and appreciate, so grab your headphones and enjoy Maisie’s knowledge and wisdom!

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