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Home Remedies for Endometriosis: My Top Natural Pain Relievers

Home Remedies for Endometriosis: My Top Natural Pain Relievers

I remember the days when I popped codeine all the time - it made me feel sick, drowsy and would give me awful migraines! The doctors wanted to put me on a type of painkillers I’d have to take every single day to be effective, which would make me very drowsy and I just thought there had to be another way. These days I have a drawer full of go-to home remedies for endometriosis that I use every month and thanks to a combination of these babies and my own personal version of the endometriosis diet, my periods are either entirely pain free or incredibly low on the pain scale.

So, in case, for whatever reason, you want to reduce your reliance on pain relief medication, I’m sharing my favourite tools with you today. I hope today’s episode will give you some ideas to be able to reduce endometriosis pain with natural pain relief.

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Hug Wrap Around Heat Pack

Yoga with Adrienne

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Yoga for Endometriosis blog post

Whoopi and Maya Rub


Lazy Sunday Bathbombs

CBD Cream with Magnesium

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