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My Journey of Healing Endometriosis Naturally

My Journey of Healing Endometriosis Naturally

Today is a sort of part two to my first solo show about my endometriosis story. Last time I told you a lot more about the medical side of my experience - from my endometriosis diagnosis, symptoms and pretty bad experiences with surgery! Ultimately, that journey got me here - pretty much pain free most of the time, and if I do get pain, it’s only around my period and is never usually higher than a 1 or 2 on the pain scale. So I thought it might be helpful to explain what my journey of healing endometriosis naturally looked like and what my endometriosis management style looks like today.

Now before we get started - I want to make a disclaimer, when I say ‘heal’ I do not mean ‘cured’. I don’t believe I have cured my endometriosis, but I manage my symptoms to a point where most of the time my life is uninterrupted by them. I use the word healing to describe my personal journey, because it has been a healing process - from having a broken relationship with my body, hormone imbalances, serious mental health issues and big gaping emotional wounds - this was an entire process which felt like a healing one to me. BUT when it comes to my symptoms, I definitely manage them and don’t want to confuse anyone into thinking I was ‘healed’. Jesus did not come down to heal me of endo.

So now that’s out of the way, I really hope this episode inspires you in some kind of way. I want it to encourage you, show you that there are more options and ways of treating endometriosis that don’t just revolve around endless surgeries and heavy pain killers - in fact, some of them are even natural. That there are tools and resources out there that can help you feel a little bit better. If this episode can get you thinking about other options that could work for you (if you want them), then I’ve done my job.

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