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Communication, Relationships and Endometriosis with Melanie Cox

Communication, Relationships and Endometriosis with Melanie Cox

TRIGGER WARNING: This conversation includes discussions about abusive relationships.

I know you guys have been waiting for this one, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long - but I wanted to find the best person I could to discuss the important and often difficult subject of communication, relationships and endometriosis.

Mel Cox is the founder of emotional wellbeing centre, HQ Therapy Rooms in East London. She’s also a Tension and Trauma Release Exercise Practitioner and a Humanistic Psychotherapist. Mel regularly supports couples with communication struggles ranging from conflict to intimacy problems and the impact of depression and anxiety on relationships. Her work focuses on both the physical and cognitive aspects of wellbeing, taking an approach that treats the whole person.

Many of us with endometriosis struggle within our romantic relationships. Perhaps we want to start dating but we don’t know how to tell the people we meet, perhaps we’re in a long term relationship and strains are starting to show, or maybe we’ve lost relationships due to endometriosis. Pain during sex, daily pain, chronic fatigue and mental health struggles can all cause tension in a relationship and it can be difficult to know how to communicate effectively in the face of these strains.

So in this episode, I talk to Mel about effective communication methods between couples or prospective partners, how partners can support someone living with endometriosis and understanding what makes a healthy relationship. This is a great one for both partners to listen too!

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