This EndoLife Podcast - Episode 7 with Meghan Cleary

Being A DES Daughter, Living with Fibroids, Having a 31 Year Endometriosis Diagnosis and Why Endocrine Disruptors Need Talking About With Meghan Cleary of Bad Periods

This EndoLife Podcast with Megan Cleary of Bad Periods

Meghan Cleary is the creator of Bad Periods; an incredibly clear and informative website covering endometriosis, fibroids and other conditions that contribute to "bad periods". The ex-Wall Street marketing executive is also writing a book on her 31 year diagnosis experience and has only just begun in her pursuit to support women with these conditions.

Meghan is also a DES Daughter. DES was a synthetic oestrogen given to up to 10 million women in the US alone, during 1938 - 1971. Since then, the drug was discovered to be unsafe and the following generation of females are at a much higher risk of endometriosis, as well as other serious side effects, than women who were not exposed.

In this episode, I talk to Meghan about her painfully long journey to diagnosis; the many many forms of alternative and conventional treatments she has tried, how to get the right care from your doctor and how endocrine disruptors are linked to reproductive health disorders in women.

This is a big one. Perhaps even a controversial one, but Meghan has a lot to say which is important and worth the listen, even if it does rub some corporate companies up the wrong way! The subject of endocrine disruptors is a topic that needs addressing and having real conversations about how we do this is essential on our search for a cure to endometriosis.

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Bad Periods

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