This EndoLife Podcast - Episode 2

Deciding on a hysterectomy, the importance of sisterhood and being a bit creepy with the Endotwins

Autumn Smith and Fela Dunfee are the duo behind the Endotwins, a website and newsletter serving up sick humour for sick minded girls. Both in their twenties, Autumn and Fela have stage four endometriosis and are facing serious surgeries, including a hysterectomy. We talk honestly about what it feels like to be so unwell with endometriosis at such a young age, why and how they started the Endotwins, their plans for a future charity and just how important (and weird) their friendship is. Expect a lot of realness, a lot of laughter and a little bit of sex talk.

Chatting with Autumn and Fela was so much fun (I think you can tell by all the laughter), but also a serious reality check. I am always aware of just how lucky I am to have mild endometriosis growth and though I suffer with a whole heap of symptoms, I haven't had to go through the many surgeries these girls have and are facing. I found that hard to stomach in a way, because it's always difficult to know what to say to someone who is going through a really shitty time, despite years of mentoring and learning counselling skills, it's not easy.  It's eye-opening to understand how they cope with the mental, emotional and physical strain of the disease and their journey in comparison to mine, and I think it really emphasises how we're all different, how we all respond differently to treatment (whether conventional or alternative) and how we all find comfort in different places.

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