Managing Endodiet Overwhelm

In this episode, I’m talking about my experience of being totally overwhelmed by the endometriosis diet to having a clear and steady plan to tackle my endo in a manageable way. I’m sharing tips, reflections and practical suggestions you can begin implementing as soon as you’re ready.

Communication, Relationships and Endometriosis with Melanie Cox

Many of us with endometriosis struggle within our romantic relationships. Pain during sex, daily pain, chronic fatigue and mental health struggles can all cause tension in a relationship and it can be difficult to know how to communicate effectively in the face of these strains. So in this episode, I talk to Mel about effective communication methods between couples or prospective partners, how partners can support someone living with endometriosis and understanding what makes a healthy relationship.

The Endometriosis Diet On a Budget

in this episode, I’m getting REALLY honest. I tell you exactly how much I spend on food supplements and nutrition products, where I shop and tips on shopping more affordably. I also share the tools and resources that have enabled me to get really in control of my money and be able to eat for the endometriosis diet, even on my current small budget.

Period Power and Making Your Cycle Work for You with Maisie Hill

Chances are, you’ve heard of Maisie Hill. She’s currently taking the world of periods by storm with her incredible debut book Period Power, which reached the top 50 books on Amazon with days of its release. In this episode, we talk about Maisie’s story of period pain, the true power of tracking and working with the most difficult parts of our cycles, from the luteal phase to menstruation.

What I Eat In a Day on The Endometriosis Diet

This episode is about the reality of the endometriosis diet and how I base my meals around nutrition for endometriosis and hormone balance. This is about how to look after your body, feel better with endometriosis and enjoy your food. I hope this episode brings you some clarification around eating for endo, and inspires you to try out some delicious ways to reduce your symptoms!

My Journey of Healing Endometriosis Naturally

Last time I told you a lot more about the medical side of my experience - from my endometriosis diagnosis, symptoms and pretty bad experiences with surgery! Ultimately, that journey got me here - pretty much pain free most of the time. So I thought it might be helpful to explain what my journey of healing endometriosis naturally looked like and what my endometriosis management style looks like today.

What is The Endometriosis Diet with Henrietta Norton of Wild Nutrition

Ever heard of the ‘endometriosis diet’ and have been confused about what it actually is? Then this episode is for you. Today is a career (and life) highlight - I’m getting to talk to Take Control of Your Endometriosis author Henrietta Norton. Henrietta Norton’s book was at the very beginning of my holistic journey with endo, and it was her words and endometriosis diet plan that helped me to really understand nutrition for endometriosis. If there’s an episode to listen to, it’s this one.