Gluten Free Living with Heather Crosby of The Gluten-Free Baking Academy

Gluten free living with The Gluten-Free Baking Academy is about understanding gluten free baking so you have the knowledge and foundations to make gluten free baked goods from scratch that work and taste amazing. Heather Crosby cuts out all the junk, and her recipes are all dairy and egg free.  I chatted to Heather about how going gluten free changed her health, why she started the Gluten-Free Baking Academy and how you can go gluten free and create incredible gluten free recipes at home.

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This EndoLife Podcast - Episode 4

This week on the podcast I'm talking to Shelby Hadden, Writer, Director and Producer of short animated film Tightly Wound. I talk to Shelby about how it felt to grow up as a teenager with such a difficult condition, how she's worked to become vaginismus free, how medical professionals failed to find an answer and the link between vagisnimus, pelvic floor dysfunction and endometriosis. I'm just letting you know now - there's a lot of sex talk!

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This EndoLife Podcast - Episode 3

Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis and Listening to Your Body

this endolige podcast epiosde 3 with heathyer crosby of yum universe

Heather Crosby is the creator of Yum Universe, an incredible online resource full of recipes, meal plans and support for those looking to eat good, comforting food and increase their intake of plants. Heather's own struggles with health came to a climax when she was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, which is a chronic condition with no current effective treatment or cure, and so she turned to diet to help her manage the painful symptoms. Heather's health is now in an amazing place and she has just released her latest book, Pantry to Plate, which is all about cooking without recipes! 

We talk about the possibility of Heather having endometriosis, her challenges with her health and interstitial cystitis, how listening to her body completely transformed her attitude to her health and how she went from refusing to eat vegetables to drinking mushroom lattes! 

 I really, really, really loved talking to Heather. After we ended the call I was buzzing with positive energy and it felt amazing! Ever since speaking, both of us have been on a new exploration with our health. Heather is looking into investigating whether she has endometriosis and I have made some changes suggested for those with interstitial cystitis and guess what?!  My bladder pain is non-existent unless I eat or drink something which are common triggers (coffee and tomatoes seem to be my thing). It's been such a relief for me to experience this break in pain, because I've been so concerned as to why that area has been so painful for over 10 years and they've always said my endometriosis has nothing to do with it.

 This conversation just goes to show you how important it is to talk to each other about our health. We may not be doctors, but it was through talking to a friend that I was able to recognise the symptoms of endometriosis and finally be diagnosed and history may be repeating itself once more. Interstitial cystitis and endometriosis are heavily linked, so I do think it's worth speaking with your doctor if you're concerned about pain or pressure in your bladder and urinary frequency.

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Show Notes

Yum Universe

Heather's first book, Yum Universe

Yum Universe: Pantry to Plate

NHS Information on Interstitial Cystitis

Urology Care on Interstitial Cystitis

Mayo Clinic Information on Interstitial Cystitis

Heather's amazing ice-cream recipe

This EndoLife Podcast - Episode 2

Deciding on a hysterectomy, the importance of sisterhood and being a bit creepy with the Endotwins

Autumn Smith and Fela Dunfee are the duo behind the Endotwins, a website and newsletter serving up sick humour for sick minded girls. Both in their twenties, Autumn and Fela have stage four endometriosis and are facing serious surgeries, including a hysterectomy. We talk honestly about what it feels like to be so unwell with endometriosis at such a young age, why and how they started the Endotwins, their plans for a future charity and just how important (and weird) their friendship is. Expect a lot of realness, a lot of laughter and a little bit of sex talk.

Chatting with Autumn and Fela was so much fun (I think you can tell by all the laughter), but also a serious reality check. I am always aware of just how lucky I am to have mild endometriosis growth and though I suffer with a whole heap of symptoms, I haven't had to go through the many surgeries these girls have and are facing. I found that hard to stomach in a way, because it's always difficult to know what to say to someone who is going through a really shitty time, despite years of mentoring and learning counselling skills, it's not easy.  It's eye-opening to understand how they cope with the mental, emotional and physical strain of the disease and their journey in comparison to mine, and I think it really emphasises how we're all different, how we all respond differently to treatment (whether conventional or alternative) and how we all find comfort in different places.

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Show Notes:

The Endotwins


Endotwins Facebook

@theendotwins on Twitter