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Vegan Magnum Recipe

Vegan Magnum Recipe


Vegan vanilla ice-cream covered in thick raw chocolate

All summer I have been lusting over magnums. It doesn't help that we've had a recent heat wave, magnums have been on offer in every shop I seem to go into and my local store has them lined up in the freezers next to check-out queue. I've not had the time to work on any recipes this summer, but now my life has started to become relatively normal again, I was determined to make some vegan ice cream lollies before the sun departed. I wanted to make them relatively simple, as vegan magnums go, as one of the things that has put me off making delicious dairy free ice cream all summer is the effort I've put into these recipes before. Having endometriosis often limits time, money and energy, so I wanted to pull together a creative and yet fairly easy recipe for when you guys are feeling up to it.

These babies are dairy free, refined sugar free, gluten free and soy free - so it's all pretty endometriosis friendly. What they are not however, is waist line friendly! Sorry about that peeps - but I'm sure you never ate a Magnum to lose weight, so I don't think you'll mind that much. These are based on the Classic Magnums - I created a vegan ice cream version using cashew butter, coconut milk and raw cacao. Apologies for the presentation, I had to drizzle chocolate all over them to hide the mess - I haven't quite got to grips with covering sticks of ice cream in melted chocolate just yet.


Vegan Cashew Ice Cream

  • 170g jar of Meridian Natural Cashew Butter
  • 400g can of Biona Coconut Milk (you don't have to use this brand, but their tin is BPA free)
  • Two vanilla pods, scraped, or a heaped teaspoon of vanilla powder
  • Maple syrup, to taste

Vegan Raw Chocolate

  • 100g of raw cacao butter
  • 40g of raw cacao powder
  • Maple syrup, to taste


  • Strong blender or a food processor
  • Lolly moulds and sticks
  • Bowl and pan for melting cacao butter


For the ice cream -

Ensure the coconut milk and cashew butter are cold, I put in both in the freezer for about an hour after I bought them, and this worked fine.

Add all the cashew butter into a blender or food processor, followed by the 'cream' off the top of the milk and a few dessert spoons of the liquid underneath.

Scrape out the vanilla seeds from the bean and add to the mix.

Blend together and then begin adding maple syrup to taste (everyone has their own preference on sweetness, so I think it's best you go with what works for you).

Spoon into the moulds and freeze for at least five hours, but preferably overnight. I was over eager and presumed cold and firm meant frozen - trust me, it doesn't. Please leave as long as possible to save your lollies from collapse.

For the raw chocolate -

15 or so minutes before you remove the lollies, make the chocolate.

Melt the raw cacao butter in a glass bowl over a saucepan of water, on a low heat. If you want to retain the all nutrients of raw chocolate and keep it raw, use a thermometer and keep it below 43 degrees.

Once the butter has melted, add the cacao powder and 'beat' with a fork to get out all the lumps and ensure the two are well combined.

Add maple syrup to taste or to suit your endometriosis triggers - if I'm going through a painful patch, I'll ease up on the sugar!

Carefully spoon the chocolate over the lollies, one side at a time, spreading with a knife. If you have left your ice cream long enough, it should thicken and set as you work (as you can see, I didn't follow my own advice). Return to the freezer before covering the opposite side.

Leave to freeze (if you have the patience!).





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