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Vegan White Chocolate Mousse

Vegan White Chocolate Mousse

Endometriosis Diet Friendly Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse

Guys. This vegan white chocolate mousse was incredible. To be honest I even f-ed it up and it was still incredible. I'm going on holiday in like 10 days now (YAY), so I'm watching what I eat at the moment and only had a small bowl - my boyfriend ate the entire lot of it after that, there was probably enough to serve like 4 or 5 people.

What's even better about this is I barely put any maple syrup in it. I do indulge my sweet tooth with natural sugars in treats like Booja Booja ice cream, raw chocolate or something homemade, but I don't do it too often, mainly at the weekends. Anyway, this had such a small amount, especially once the portions are divided up, yet it was just enough - anymore would have made it sickly. So I feel really good about this dessert - it's delicious and with it's low sugar content, it's endometriosis diet friendly and refined sugar free. It's also a great gluten free dessert (so I can make it for my brother, who's celiac) and dairy free chocolate mousse is good for everyone, right?

Vegan White Chocolate Mousse Ingredients

  • One can of Biona Coconut Milk
  • A table spoon of cashew butter
  • One vanilla pod
  • 50 ml maple syrup (you can adjust this by taste if you like)
  • 25g raw cacao butter
  • One dessertspoon of baobab powder (optional)

Vegan White Chocolate Mousse Recipe

- Heat the cacao butter in a glass bowl in a saucepan, on a low - medium heat. If you want to retain the all nutrients of raw chocolate and keep it raw, use a thermometer and keep it below 43 degrees. Allow to cool.

- Using a sieve, drain the coconut milk so you are left with only the thick cream on top, empty this into a mixing bowl. Whisk briefly to thicken.

- Scrape out the vanilla pod and add to the coconut milk, with a table spoon of cashew butter, the maple syrup and the melted cacao butter. If you like, you can add baobab powder for a super food kick, but it will add a slightly tart taste, so it's completely up to you. Whisk quickly to combine ingredients and leave in the fridge to cool down.

- Once the mixture is firm (this should only take 5/10 minutes, as cacao butter goes hard quite quickly, keep checking to ensure it doesn't set too much), whisk again, preferably with an electric whisk. I found it took 3 - 5 minutes to get the fluffy consistency I desired.

- Serve immediately or refrigerate - when I did this, the mixture went even fluffier and had some amazing air bubbles in it. However, the immediate consistency is smooth and luxurious, so it's your choice! We had both versions.

You can add toppings too, it's delicious on its own but we crushed some pistachio nuts over the top and that was lovely. Ibet it'd be amazing with some bee pollen!

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