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The Endometriosis Diet: My Favourite Healthy Food Blogs

The Endometriosis Diet: My Favourite Healthy Food Blogs

the endometriosis diet the minamalist baker


Getting Started with the Endometriosis Diet

As I mentioned the other day, I want to offer more practical tips to those starting out on this healing journey with endometriosis and specifically, with the endometriosis diet. When I first began the endometriosis diet, I simultaneously stumbled upon various healthy food blogs and it became a really exciting time for me. Though the endometriosis diet, yes, admittedly, is restrictive in terms of particular foods, it also opened up a whole new creative world to me and I actually started to get in the kitchen keen to make the things I was seeing online. This made my beginnings with the endodiet less difficult, and more like a fun challenge (obviously not all the time, but a lot of the time). Now, it's pretty much the same - eating at home isn't the problem because there are so many great resources online for eating without gluten, dairy or meat and it's more the eating out part that I struggle with.

So, today I want to give a brief overview of my favourite healthy food blogs that helped me learn how to cook and eat without gluten, dairy, soy, meat and refined sugar.

My Favourite Healthy Food Blogs

this endometriosis diet jessica murnane

Jessica Murnane

Surely this gal needs no introduction, however, if she does, go over to my interview with her from last year. Jessica Murnane has stage 4 endometriosis but managed to completely reduce her symptoms (slash kick endo's ass) through diet, though she admits given up her favourite comfort foods was like pulling teeth at first. Now? She loves veggies and even has a book about them; One Part Plant and is helping people all over the world get more plant based dishes in her diet. I absolutely love her book (and her), it's the easiest recipe book I've ever followed, everything comes out as it described and tastes delicious. I know I keep harping on about it, but try the Nut Butter Chocolate Tart. It's. So. Good. 

the endometriosis diet deliciously ella

Deliciously Ella

You heard me talk about Ella Mills' latest café in Herne Hill just the other day, but my interest in Ella first began when she was blogging. Ella herself has a chronic condition which she has got under control through eating a similar diet to the endometriosis diet. She first introduced me to cacao, which was amazing, because I then realised I could put it in dairy free milk, smoothies and make my own raw chocolate. She has some really simple recipes and some more complex ones, but what I like about them is that they're never too fancy - they feel like they're for anyone: simple buddha bowls, salads and pasta sauces. Her book Deliciously Ella Every Day is really helpful if you want some quick go to dishes and she also has great videos to follow on her YouTube.

the endometriosis diet this rawsome vegan life

This Rawsome Vegan Life

The amazing being behind this blog is all kinds of wonderful. Not only is she big on human rights, she's vegan and she lifts weights. And she shaved her hair, which is cool. Anyway, this is where I get my sweet tooth hits from. Before I understood my reaction to sugar so much, I used to make something from here whenever I could! But eventually I noticed the pattern in pain and anxiety after binging on goodies like these guys and so now I am a bit more balanced about it. BUT, she really does do incredible desserts and snacks, plus she has beautiful breakfast recipes and main dishes too, so you don't have to plough face first sugary stuff like I did.

the endometriosis diet minamalist baker

Minimalist Baker

Thanks to this talented woman, I made my boyfriend super easy vegan cheesecakes for his birthday and I got to eat them too! Her recipes aren't all baked goodies either, but they are minimal and that's why I love her. All her recipes are either 10 ingredients or less, can be made in one bowl or take under 30 minutes to make. For an endosister who is stretched for time or money, this is awesome. Also, pizza.

the endometriosis diet yumuniverse


This woman though. I had the pleasure of interviewing Heather Crosby for my soon to be podcast last week and ever since I've been drooling over her latest cookbook; YumUniverse From Pantry to Plate. Her approach is all about the individual - finding out what works for you and what your triggers are, and she also eats a diet similar to the endodiet due to a medical condition. She has a TON of recipes on her website, as well as meal plans and even a gluten free baking course, which just looks fricking insane and teaches you how to make sourdough and bagels.  Her latest cookbook is genius because it offers you templates for recipes and breaks down the ingredients so you understand their purpose and can swap them for other things you like, but still get it right. This is a break through for me, as I have a history of cutting out ingredients from a recipe and then completely f*cking up the whole thing because I didn't realise the science behind the damn dish.

So there you have it, those are probably all the main ones I use, but I'll be sure to do another post if I start adding others. Have I missed some of your favourites? Let me know! x

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