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Tea for Endometriosis: The Leaf Collective

Tea for Endometriosis: The Leaf Collective

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Tea for Endometriosis: How The Leaf Collective Are Helping Me Cope with Fatigue and Endo Brain Fog

I've recently gone fully self-employed, and one of the reasons for this was so I could manage my low energy and brain fog better. Even when I'm not in pain, I never feel quite right; I never feel like 100%. I'm always a bit tired (or A LOT) and a bit blurry round the edges - and of course, anxious. I'm anxious a lot of the time about my performance at work because of my brain fog; I forget things, I get confused and I get things wrong.

Of course, now I'm freelance, I don't want brain fog and fatigue to affect my own work; especially now it's up to me to make my money. And so when the lovely Emma from The Leaf Collective sent me samples to try of her holistic tea, I was super excited to test it and see what it could do for me.

The Leaf Collective is a newly launched tea brand; started by Emma Fitzgerald, who has a background in health and natural sciences, and has spent time researching and perfecting the positive effects of her tea blends on the body and mind.

Emma believes in a holistic approach to health, which The Leaf Collective defines as "A holistic approach to health refers to a form of healing, attitude or lifestyle that considers the whole person - body, mind and emotions - in the quest for optimal health and wellness."

Their mission is to combine the benefits of herbal teas, and of yoga and meditation, to create a balanced and harmonious holistic approach to improving well-being.

Emma and her wonderful team have not only created some of the best teas I have ever tasted, but a meditation plan to bring mindfulness into your life. For those of you who have followed my story, you'll know that when I was severely depressed, my morning cup of tea and meditation, was what brought me to life, created some sense of peace and centering within me. Even just making and drinking my tea, watching the steam swirl in the morning light was a sense of mindful meditation for me, and so I was so thrilled to see Emma agreed! On her website, you can access several different meditations; including a Mindful Tea Meditation - an easy and beautiful way to bring mindfulness into your life.

Mindfulness has been shown to have a significant affect on our relationship with pain and on anxiety and depression - so it's not just a fad or a trend, it's an incredible tool for anyone, especially for those living with a chronic condition.

As for the tea, each blend tastes lovely and unique in flavour, and none of them are overpowering as some herbal teas I've tried are. I have genuinely found these teas really helpful in the past few weeks, mainly around calming my anxiety, helping me to relax or focusing my mind. Of course, everyone is different and maybe you won't respond to these teas as I have, but I've found them really helpful.

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Mountain Stabilitea - to cleanse and comfort

This tea is one of my favourites, It really is the perfect blend for comforting. The blend was also put together to not only comfort, but support cleanse the body, supporting the immune system, digestive system and energy.

I already love rooibos and cacao, so the combination of these with orange peel and cinnamon was delicious and just kind of felt like a Sunday night tea to me and wonderful for winter.

Warrior Vitalitea - to refresh and energise

As I mentioned earlier, I used to love starting my day with a green tea. I can't drink it so much anymore, because I'm so sensitive to caffeine, but every now and then is fine. This tea is a zesty uplifting blend with green tea to increase energy. It's also made with ginger, lemon and fennel, which are used to soothe the stomach (so great for the IBS symptoms of endometriosis) and ginseng which supports the immune system.

Cobra Puritea - to soothe and uplift

I was surprised by how much I liked this one and what a difference in made. Gingko Biloba has been added to help ease feelings of sadness, whilst the other botanicals such as peppermint, are added for their easy, soothing properties and flavours.

Lotus Claritea; to relax and focus

I drank through my samples of this within days. I find working whilst experiencing anxiety very difficult, and so having a tea that helped ease that whilst also increasing focus and awareness was amazing. I loved the subtle taste of lavender and chamomile, two of my favourite herbs.

The blend uses lavender to help with restlessness and low mood, chamomile as a stress reliever and lemon balm and valerian for calming anxiety.

Moon Serenitea - to calm and balance

The Moon blend is one which I think could really support with battling the symptoms of endometriosis. Gotu Kola is known for combating anxiety and fatigue (winner?), and there's also green tea, which helps increase alertness. On top of that, the blend includes rose and cardamon - I love both and just think this is a gorgeous combination.

Have you tried any teas that help you with your endometriosis symptoms? I'd love to try them!

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