Turmeric for Endometriosis

Whilst inflammation is the body’s natural healing response, chronic inflammation (which is often the case with endometriosis because our body is always trying to fight it) can be damaging to our health and also contribute to chronic pain. I've been aware of using turmeric for endometriosis for a while, and recently, I've been able to trial whether this 'superfood' can actually help with endometriosis pain and inflammation.

Diet for Endometriosis and Bowel Symptoms

Endometriosis is often misdiagnosed as IBS, because for many of us, endometriosis causes bowel symptoms and IBS symptoms. You don't have to have bowel endometriosis to have issues such as bloating, constipation and diarrhea - these are all endometriosis problems that many of us live with. Recently on Endometriosis News I've written about how diet for endometriosis and bowel symptoms can help reduce some of these IBS-like issues. You can read it below or over on Endometriosis News.

Endometriosis Diet on A Budget

I know how hard it is to take a pay cut due to endometriosis, whilst upping your supplements purchases and changing your diet. Many people worry about the cost of the endometriosis diet, but I can tell you, I'm proof that you can follow the endometriosis diet on a budget. Until I have the time to complete the endometriosis diet list that I'm pulling together, I've written two articles on how to follow the diet and make changes to your lifestyle for endometriosis that are affordable and fit into small budgets.

In fact, I've written a endometriosis diet grocery list in the past, and have quoted how much it costs me - and soon I'll be releasing an recipes for the endometriosis diet pdf with a reviewed endometriosis diet grocery list attached.

Tea for Endometriosis: The Leaf Collective

The Leaf Collection is a newly launched tea brand; started by Emma Fitzgerald, who has a background in health and natural sciences, and has spent time researching and perfecting the positive effects of her tea blends on the body and mind. I have genuinely found these teas really helpful in the past few weeks, mainly around calming my anxiety, helping me to relax or focusing my mind.

Caffeine and Endometriosis: Quitting Coffee

Quitting coffee has been and still is, the hardest part of the endometriosis diet for me, yet there are some very compelling reasons to continue my pursuit of giving up the dark stuff. Quitting coffee is a key part of the endometriosis diet and from my experience, I know how much it helps. This post explores the research on the effects of caffeine on endometriosis and how reducing or eliminating it from your diet could help decrease pain and symptoms. 

Endometriosis, the EndoDiet and the Clean Eating Debate

Recently there's been lots of debate on the trend "clean eating". Whilst I understand the very real negative implications of the label, what I have learnt from the popularity of healthy eating, has helped me reduce the symptoms of endometriosis and has taught me how to enjoy food, after years of living with eating disorders.