POPSUGAR - Tips For Living With Endometriosis

I'm honoured to be featured in this informative and accessible article in POPSUGAR Tips for Living with Endometriosis by Tori Crowther.  Tori has been recently diagnosed and has written about her experience and breaks down the issues and walls around the disease which are causing so many women to suffer in silence. Like many of us, Tori is acutely aware of how little support there is out there to enable women to live a happy and as pain-free as possible life with endometriosis, so she reached out to eight women, including myself, and chatted to us about our tips for managing endometriosis.

Our tips range from joining support groups, loving your hot water bottle, nutrition changes to learning when to rest. It's a varied, accessible and open collection of advice. You don't need to do all it if it doesn't appeal to you, but try out the ones that do and see what works for you, or maybe try something you didn't expect would work, you might be surprised!