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Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham


Lena Dunham might just be my new hero (next to Lauren Singer).

Late last year, she publicly opened up about her long term battle with endometriosis in a raw and honest account, The Sickest Girl via her online editorial platform, Lenny Letter. More recently, she has had to take a step back from the Girls press tour due to the condition and posted her news to fans on FaceBook. Though it's awful to think of another being having to endure the symptoms of endo, to the point where they have to go from full time work to full time rest, her honesty about it was a relief to myself and I'm sure to many others, and the media lapped it up.

Whilst the media got it wrong in many ways, making claims that it usually affects women in their 30s and 40s (it can affect all females of a childbearing age), BBC Newsbeat took the time to call Endometriosis UK (whilst I happened to be visiting the offices) and speak to one of the trustees, Alice Smith. Alice is Young Ambassador at Endometriosis UK and is amazingly knowledgeable and passionate about the disease, after being diagnosed at a young age. You can read her interview on with Radio 1 here and also listen on the Newsbeat app. 


Lena Dunham has also released a series of articles on endometriosis, including The Sickest Girl, in Lenny Letter No.8: The Endometriosis Issue.

Whilst it pains me to think of another female going through the struggles I know all too well, I am overwhelmingly grateful to Lena Dunham for making her difficulties known to the world. Being a young and talented female in the spotlight, she has ability to raise awareness and draw the attention of the media (whether they get it wrong or not) and the more we begin speaking about this hidden disease, the sooner others can understand what's happening to them and work towards diagnosis.



Picture 1 + 2 from BBC Newsbeat.

Picture 3 from Lena Dunham's The Sickest Girl article.


Endo What?

Endo What?