My Column in Endometriosis News Launches Today!

'Living with Endo' Column in Endometriosis News

Living with Endo Column in Endometriosis News

I am so excited to share this with you - my column, Living with Endo on Endometriosis News, has launched today.

It has been a dream all my life to have a column, and now writing a column for such an important platform about such an important topic is incredible.

My first column is an introduction to me, my journey and what my column will be about. In ways, it's similar to This EndoLife, but it'll still be unique to Endometriosis News. I'm so excited to share it with you!

You can have a read of my first piece here. 

Livingf with Endo Column in Endometriosis News



POPSUGAR - Tips For Living With Endometriosis

I'm honoured to be featured in this informative and accessible article in POPSUGAR Tips for Living with Endometriosis by Tori Crowther.  It's a varied, accessible and open collection of advice. You don't need to do all it if it doesn't appeal to you, but try out the ones that do and see what works for you, or maybe try something you didn't expect would work, you might be surprised!

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Endo What?


Tickets have finally been released for the Endo What? film!  The European Premiere is in London at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square on March 21st. Tickets are £10 and go toward "ensuring more girls, women and health care providers learn accurate, actionable information about endometriosis".

The Endo What? team have been on a long journey to get to this point and it would be amazing if we could support them to raise awareness through buying tickets, inviting friends and family and promoting the film.

A little bit more about the film...

It’s Time for a New Normal.

A normal where women with endometriosis know the facts and can make empowered choices. A normal that doesn’t involve multiple doctors, surgeries, misdiagnoses and years of pain.

The only film of its kind, Endo What presents solid, accurate information straight from the experts. They answer the questions you have, but aren’t able to ask.

They answer the questions you never even knew to ask.