An Open Letter to An Endo Sufferer: Don't Give Up

Recently I was approached by Wellbeing of Women to write a guest post for their website, An Open Letter to An Endo Sufferer: Don't Give Up. Wellbeing of Women are a charity funding medical research into women's health, pregnancy and childbirth - including endometriosis. The lovely people at the charity asked me to share my story in an open letter, in hope that it may empower women to not give up.

Endometriosis and Relationships: New Endometriosis Awareness Short Film!

I probably don't need to ask you whether you remember having to tell your current partner or ex-partner that you had endometriosis.

Now the issues that can arise with endometriosis and love are highlighted in a new short film. Linked is a 30 minute short film, based in the future when you can find your soulmate on an app that links your DNA, your social media presence and internet activity together. The focus is set on an ex-couple, one of which is living with endometriosis. the film explores the challenges of living with a chronic condition, and how much we disclose to others close to us.

Endometriosis News: Loneliness

Ever feel like you're meeting up with people, chatting away, but you're just not connecting? You feel removed, your mind is elsewhere, or maybe your lives have become noticeably different. In my Endometriosis News Column, Living with Endo, I explore how my endometriosis has led to years of loneliness, but how finding a community helped me cope with that loneliness,

Endometriosis and Friendships: Dealing with Friends Who Don't Understand Endometriosis

I know so many women are facing difficulties around endometriosis and maintaining friendships, and sadly, friends can sometimes find it hard to understand. To support with this, one of my most recent columns for Endometriosis News is what steps you can take when you are having difficulties with friends, and when perhaps it might be time to distance yourself from someone who is causing you more pain.

You can read the entire piece - Dealing with Friends Who Don't Understand Endometriosis here.

Endometriosis and Friendships, Part 3: Steps for a Healthier, Happier Social Life

Recently, I’ve been writing about endometriosis and friendships and how my social life has adapted over the years to accommodate endometriosis.

While this isn’t always easy, and sometimes can be painful, it is possible to still see friends and enjoy social activities. Admittedly, what you do now may be different from the things you’re used to doing, and you may not always be able to follow through with your commitments. But I’ve listed some things you can do to make your friendships stronger despite endometriosis, and things you can do together while listening to the needs of your body.

Endometriosis and Friendships: You Can Create Your Social Life

Endometriosis can make you feel like you have no control over your life, especially your social life. In the past few years, I felt like my social life slipped away from me and changed and morphed in ways that were beyond my control (for better and worse). But recently, as I've been writing and reflecting on endometriosis and friendships for Endometriosis News, I've realised I had more power than I thought I had, and actually, it wasn't all as bad as I experienced it to be.

Endometriosis and Friendships, Part 1

I can't deny it. One of my biggest challenges around endometriosis, is the loneliness, the isolation and the fear of communicating with people.

In my Endometriosis News column, Living with Endo, I've written a series talking about my experiences and what helped me make friends, improve existing relationships, work with those friends who just don't seem to understand and finally, let go of the friendships that are no longer serving both individuals.

Petition: Update Standards of Treatment for Endometriosis Patients

There's a new petition doing the rounds, with only five days left.

The petition will impact the way endometriosis patients in America are treated - but American or not, I think it needs to be signed so we can pave the way for change. As I'm not American and don't fully understand how things work there with their endo treatment, I though it best I shared the actual petition...

The Endometriosis Diet

One of the main questions I get asked is "What is the endometriosis diet?".

On my Nutrition section, I begin with The Basics, which is a great way to get started with the understanding the endometriosis diet.

Yet recently, I've been wanting to revisit this information to make it easier and more accessible, so I thought a perfect way to do this was through my column in Endometriosis News.