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This EndoLife Book Club Launch

This EndoLife Book Club Launch

Yep. You read that right - I'm launching This EndoLife Book Club! 

Well, a virtual one that is.

Why? I have SO many books I want to get through, and want to share with you, that are in one way or another related to endometriosis or the symptoms that go with it. From books about menstrual cycles, female empowerment to mind-body connection, there are so many amazing reads that'll help us manage endometriosis better and this way, we won't have to do it alone. 

This EndoLife Book Club is a space for us to connect and talk about the books we read each month - our thoughts, success stories and experiences. Each month we will read a new book related to endometriosis, periods or related symptoms. The aim of our book club is to bring a sense of community and support, but also help us educate ourselves in order to live a happier and healthier life with endometriosis.

The new book will be launched on the first Saturday of every month, launching at the beginning of Endometriosis Awareness Week - March 3rd.

You can join the community over on Facebook, in my private group. This EndoLife Book Club (just search in FB and request access to the group) or use the hashtag, #thisendolifebookclub on Instagram.

These virtual spaces are platforms for us to chat about the books and our experiences with them. I will be checking these once a week and posting questions and thoughts to you as I read the book alongside you guys, but please don't hesitate to get the conversation going when I'm not there! This is about creating a sense of belonging, support and sharing with each other!

Also, please note that this space is respectful, helpful and supportive. This isn't a space for abuse or bullying and I ask that we all respect each other choices when it comes to managing endometriosis. I'd also like to add, that this the online spaces aren't medical forums, so I/we won't be able to offer medical advice, BUT, this is a space for community, learning and managing endo!

This EndoLife Book Club is of course free, but if you want to support me with continuing to make free content and podcasts for the endo community, please consider buying your book of the month through my Amazon Affiliate link (you can do any of your shopping through this link, it just means This EndoLife gets a small percentage of the sale), which I will post every time I announce the latest book.

The first book is Lisa Lister's Code Red. Read about it here or buy the book!

I am so excited to connect with you all and seeing where This EndoLife Book Club takes us!

This EndoLife Book Club: Code Red by Lisa Lister

This EndoLife Book Club: Code Red by Lisa Lister

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