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Endometriosis Education: Endometriosis in Teenagers

The WOW festival is a UK based festival that empowers women from all cultures and backgrounds to discuss global issues affecting women today and to encourage unity and progress. One of the highlights for me was the Teens Talk Back panel, a group of four adolescent girls discussing feminism and the impact of sexism on their lives as teenagers. This inspiring team of young girls had been pushing and campaigning for compulsory sex and relationship education in schools; yet when I asked them about endometriosis, I received a blank response. These knowledgeable young girls who knew so much about the discrimination and inequality they and thousands of other girls are facing, and who had fought for sex education in schools, had never heard the word.

I don't blame them. How and why would they know? There's barely any sex education in schools as it is and most of us only receive an endometriosis education when we wake up in a hospital bed and are told we have it.

Dysmenorrhea: How to Care for your Uterus

Coping with the dysmenorrhea (severely painful periods) that accompany endometriosis can sometimes, if not often, feel impossible. It's easy to slip into the habit of hating our bodies and feeling like they have let us down. But what is the impact of negative self-talk on the body and can you improve your experience by learning to love your vagina? In this post I talk about the self-loathing I experienced when I first began suffering with endometriosis, the negative affects of this and my tips for how I now care for my uterus.