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How Can We Love Our Bodies More, Even With Endometriosis?

I know how hard it is to love our bodies when we experience so much pain through it. It's all well and good saying we need to love ourselves more, but how do we even start on that journey, when we feel so much detachment or even hatred towards it? So this week, to celebrate Valentine's Day, I've written about how we can love our bodies more, even with endometriosis, over on Endometriosis News.

Dysmenorrhea: How to Care for your Uterus

Coping with the dysmenorrhea (severely painful periods) that accompany endometriosis can sometimes, if not often, feel impossible. It's easy to slip into the habit of hating our bodies and feeling like they have let us down. But what is the impact of negative self-talk on the body and can you improve your experience by learning to love your vagina? In this post I talk about the self-loathing I experienced when I first began suffering with endometriosis, the negative affects of this and my tips for how I now care for my uterus.