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How Can We Love Our Bodies More, Even With Endometriosis?

I know how hard it is to love our bodies when we experience so much pain through it. It's all well and good saying we need to love ourselves more, but how do we even start on that journey, when we feel so much detachment or even hatred towards it? So this week, to celebrate Valentine's Day, I've written about how we can love our bodies more, even with endometriosis, over on Endometriosis News.

Managing Endometriosis with The Endo Toolkit Online Program by Jessica Murnane

Jessica Murnane has launched Know Your Endo, a comprehensive, simple and concrete platform for endometriosis awareness, education and support. Alongside that, she's running The Endo Toolkit online program, which supports anyone with endometriosis to learn about their disease and the best ways to manage it for them. There's expert advice, live sessions and a community page.

Enrolling on a course can sometimes feel like a big commitment, either financially or time wise. So I decided to chat with Jess to give you the low down on her course, so you can decide if it's good for you.

Yoga for Period Pain

In the past few months I have been using yoga for period pain. Sometimes lying in bed just leaves you to focus on the waves of pain and I find myself caught up in a frenzy of physical and mental hurt as I become more and more resentful towards my body. Yet recently I have found a series of yoga stretches designed to alleviate menstrual symptoms and so wanted to share these. I hope they bring you relief. <3

Setting Intentions with Wolf Sister

I recently attended a beautiful workshop at She's Lost Control, East London with Wolf Sister. The workshop focused on using the healing powers of the moon to set intentions for the year ahead and let go of what no longer served us. Hippy as it may sound, this evening had a powerful impact on me - I was able to forgive and let go of the pain and suffering I have endured over the past few years and re-write my story. Setting intentions may help you not only manage endometriosis better, but also change your persoective on your life and your self.

Living with Endometriosis: Paige Gibbons of The Uterus and The Duderus

Paige Gibbons is one half of the infectiously fun podcast The Uterus and The Duderus. After years of pain and ineffective treatment, an encounter with Instagram changed Paige's approach to endometriosis and her journey with the disease. With the help of lifestyle adjustments and a determined and hopeful perspective, Paige is living with endometriosis in the most positive way she can and is hoping to help others do the same.

Living with Endometriosis: The Endometriosis Christmas Wishlist

Living with endometriosis can be financially costly. Trying out different supplements, holistic therapies and products to help manage endometriosis can add up and I find I often just have to buy the things I can afford and can't go without. However, there are, believe it or not, luxurious/high quality products and activities tailored to periods, bodies and toxin free living that can help us feel pampered and good about ourselves, so these goodies are making my endometriosis Christmas wishlist. <3