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Natural Energy Boosters To Help Manage Endometriosis Fatigue

Endometriosis fatigue. It’s one of the most challenging and unaddressed symptoms of this chronic illness. Getting through the day can sometimes feel impossible (I’m having one of those moments right now!), but sometimes, even though we want to be kind to ourselves, we have to keep going. So in a recent column for Endometriosis News, I wrote about my favourite natural energy boosters to help you get a burst of energy and reduce endometriosis fatigue, even if just for an hour or two.

Endometriosis Fatigue: Natural Ways To Boost Energy

So many of us have endometriosis fatigue, though not much is done about it medically. Whilst I’ve written about bigger lifestyle and dietary changes you could make to battle this symptom and feel more energised on a daily basis, if you’re in a energy slump right now and just have to get through, I’ve written about some of the natural ways to boost energy that I use to try and keep myself going