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The Coolest Organic Period Subsription Boxes - Part 2

So I've potentially left some of the best looking organic period subscription boxes for last... They make me want to buy into them and feel good. What with period cramps, endo bloating and stomach problems, endometriosis doesn't really help me feel my best, so if I've got to buy a whole heap of products to help me cope with it, I want them to feel and look nice. That's what I love about these brands - their unashamed, proud and beautiful.

Vaginal Steaming with Kathie Bishop of Into the Wylde

Thrush and pelvic pain are issues that can affect all women, not just those with endometriosis. Yet both are common symptoms of the condition and reoccurring thrush can be a constant battle for some sufferers. Kathie Bishop from Into the Wylde is a medical herbalist with a passion for female pelvic health, and conquering thrush. I asked Kathie to give us the low down on thrush, endometriosis and the much debated vaginal steaming.

Dysmenorrhea: How to Care for your Uterus

Coping with the dysmenorrhea (severely painful periods) that accompany endometriosis can sometimes, if not often, feel impossible. It's easy to slip into the habit of hating our bodies and feeling like they have let us down. But what is the impact of negative self-talk on the body and can you improve your experience by learning to love your vagina? In this post I talk about the self-loathing I experienced when I first began suffering with endometriosis, the negative affects of this and my tips for how I now care for my uterus.