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How To Reduce Oestrogen Dominace Naturally

How To Reduce Oestrogen Dominace Naturally

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It's  now fairly widely acknowledged that people with endometriosis are likely to have oestrogen dominance. Oestrogen not only encourages the growth of endometriosis, but it also causes a heap of symptoms that can affect the quality of our lives and wellbeing, and are also very similar to endometriosis. This week for Endometriosis News I have been writing about how to lower estrogen dominance naturally - if you're concerned about going down a more natural route, visit your doctor to discuss options they may have to help you balance your hormones and reduce oestrogen dominance. You can order kits to test your own hormone levels (make sure you order from a reputable company) or enquire with a medical professional.


Managing Oestrogen Dominance

Read below some of my favourite tips for reducing oestrogen dominance naturally, or go directly to Endometriosis News.


Food is not just fuel or energy. Vitamins and minerals benefit specific cells, organs, and functions in the body — especially your hormones. The foods humans eat these days, and the way we eat them, is causing hormone issues. Our endocrine system is the system in your body responsible for regulating and releasing hormones. It can be thrown off by the foods you eat and changes in your body such as low and high blood sugar. Continuous disruption can develop into more serious hormonal disorders.

I’m currently working on my blood sugar levels. I have been told that I have unstable blood sugar, but I didn’t really understand how it affected my hormones and endometriosis. The book “Womancode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive and Become a Power Source” does a brilliant job of explaining the havoc unstable blood sugar can wreak on your body, and the knock-on effect it has on hormones. I’ve been referring to this book to help stabilize my levels, and the difference in sustained energy I’ve experienced so far is incredible. You could follow the advice from the book, or you could talk to a nutritionist to get a plan together, or visit a medical practitioner to discuss your blood sugar.

Another way you can support your body is by eating foods that will help the body to balance the hormones and remove old ones efficiently. A simple way to support your hormones could be understanding and implementing seed syncing. You can do seed cycling by yourself quite easily. Or if you’d rather have a bit more support, Food Period is a new company offering seed syncing energy balls.

Additionally, you could also help your body’s elimination process. The body needs to be able to get rid of excess oestrogen, and quite often, people with endometriosis can have problems with this process, whether that’s due to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) issues or a compromised liver. To aid the liver, nutritionist and women’s health expert Henrietta Norton suggests adding the following foods to your diet: garlic, turmeric, lemon, beetroot, rocket, kale, sweet potatoes, parsley, carrots, and cabbage (see her book “Take Control of Your Endometriosis” for further information). You can also support the digestive system with fennel/fennel seeds, mint, dill, ginger, pineapple, onions, bok choy, and artichokes. Again, there are many other foods which can help the elimination process, so pick up some good books on the subject or speak to an expert for a more comprehensive list.



Oestrogen leaves your body just as other unwanted chemicals and waste do — through bowel movements, urine, and the skin.

If one of your endometriosis symptoms is constipation, soluble fibre such as oats and high fiber fruits and vegetables are crucial to ensuring healthy bowel movements. If you’re struggling even with these foods, you may want to look at taking a supplement or using a natural treatment such as flax or psyllium husk. Drinking a good glass of water or a hot tea can also help get the bowels functioning properly in the morning.

Another way to support the elimination process is through skincare rituals. Dry brushing can help the skin with its elimination process, and also encourage circulation, aiding the removal of old hormones and toxins that have built up in the body. This is a great excuse for a leisurely bath; a salt scrub or Epsom salt bath can help draw out waste through the skin.


Continue reading about reducing oestrogen dominance in my column on Endometriosis News.



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