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The Coolest Organic Period Subsription Boxes - Part 2

The Coolest Organic Period Subsription Boxes - Part 2

lola organic period subscription boxes

So I've potentially left some of the best looking organic period subscription boxes for last... If you're not sure why so many women, especially those with endometriosis, are turning to organic tampons and subscription companies, read Part 1 of this blog post.

The companies below are awesomely branded. They make me want to buy into them and feel good. I can tell you, a couple of years back I really wasn't that enthusiastic about buying a pack of Always from Superdrug and I certainly wasn't about to tell me friends how great they were. One of the major issues that bugs me about the period scene is how it doesn't encourage or help women feel good on their period. I've said this before, but it's all stained underwear, old joggers and generally feeling a bit down. I am so over this. What with period cramps, endo bloating and stomach problems, endo doesn't really help me feel my best, so if I've got to buy a whole heap of products to help me cope with it, I want them to feel and look nice. That's what I love about these brands - their unashamed, proud and beautiful.

So below are the coolest organic period subscriptions boxes based in the US and worldwide. Happy period shopping!


organic period subscription boxes

Kali are bloody beautiful (no pun intended). All soft pink, white and gold, with the occasional palm tree thrown in. Their packaging makes you feel like you're buying a luxury item, not a monthly essential (take note George Osborne). To encourage this feeling, they also include a pampering item each month in your delivery, including a rosewater facial mist, lavender salt soak, body scrub and essential oils. On top of these goodies, you also get a couple of organic cotton wipettes, yet another of their many ways to help you feel fresh and on form.

And to top it all off, these girls aren't just about looks - there's substance behind Kali. Not only are they advocating for informed choices around sanitary products, but they also support Girl Up - the United Nations campaign to empower girls in the hardest to reach places. For every Kali box sold, $1 dollar goes towards the cause, helping fund programmes that promote the health, safety, education, and leadership of girls.

Kali currently ship to the US only and weigh in on the slightly more expensive end, at $15- $19 a box. But you are buying more than just a couple of tampons and some pads, you're getting wipes and a natural product each month, a donation to a charity and packaging that's too cool to throw away.


lola organic period subscription boxes

Lola is yet another organic period subscription company who do it really, really well. Firstly, their branding colour is blue - awesome. Also about time. They have a clean, calm vibe and again make you feel good about these essential products you're buying into. Honesty and information is integral to this brand - their homepage hits you with the facts about the tampon industry, take this one for example "Number of studies that have been conducted on the long-term effects of artificial fibers in tampons - 0". Great. Wonderful. So knowing what's in their products and the safety of these is of top priority to founders Alex and Jordana, and FYI, there's only organic cotton in their tampons, nothing else.

These female superstars are also paving the way with supporting other women and girls across America. Sanitary products "are among the most requested at homeless shelters, yet are least often donated" and women are going without, in order to afford food and basic items for their families. You can find out more about the woman they support and their charity partners here.

At present, Lola ships only to the US and you can choose between applicator and non-applicator tampons, liners and pads. A box of tampons or pads costs around $10, with discounts if you increase your order size.

Also, go check out their blog; The Broadcast. From feminism to natural living, they've got it all there and it's really pretty awesome.


cora organic period subscription boxes

I love Cora. They are a company where, as they say, passion meets purpose. They work tirelessly to break down the barriers surrounding menstruation and female bodies, as well as advocating "for the health and equality for women and girls globally". Like Lola, they are frustrated by the zero amount of legislation surrounding sanitary products and break down the confusion about the ingredients in our every day tampons and what the potential side effects of these are. Their tampons are made from 100% organic cotton with a BPA-free applicator and their working on making their applicators bio-based.

And of course, their branding is sleek and modern, featuring blacks and golds, with beautiful cases to store your tampons in, including the 'Stowaways' lipstick cardboard capsule and a chic vegan clutch. Whilst walking to the toilet with a tampon in our hand isn't something to be ashamed about, it's a nice touch to be able to store your sanitary products in discreet and stylish case.

And as bonus points, Cora is supporting girls across the world by supplying them with sustainable pads, provided by global partners, to enable them to go to school and continue with their normal routines whilst menstruating.

Cora currently only ship in the states, and have a very reasonable price point at around $11 per month.

S. Rosa Organic

s rosa organic period subscription boxes


Based in Melbourne, S. Rosa Organic are the new kids on the period block. They launched in Feb 2016 after an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, which was inspired by the ever common late night dash to an overpriced corner store. Their aim is to provide women with tailored sanitary options, that are delivered to their door and an honest ingredient list that is organic and safe.  They provide one off shipments or regular monthly shipments worldwide, shipping is free in Australia and $8 everywhere else. Their tampons come in small zip pouch which quite honestly just looks like a very pretty make up bag. If you like their style, go and check out their gorgeous and dangerously addictive Instagram feed - you'll be scrolling for a while.




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