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The Coolest Organic Period Subsription Boxes, Part 1

The Coolest Organic Period Subsription Boxes, Part 1

Why turn to organic period subscription boxes?

I made the change to organic period subscription boxes a couple of months back and period life has become so much easier. But it wasn't just convenience that triggered this move...

As we become more aware of what's being put into our bodies food wise, so too have we started to question what's in the sanitary items we use. A wide number of the chemicals that are used in everyday products can have an affect on our hormones, reproductive organs and endometriosis. The rayon, chemicals and bleaches used are being absorbed by our bodies - "60% of the chemicals we are exposed to are collected and absorbed through the skin" Henrietta Norton - and these chemicals contain dioxins. Dioxins have been directly linked in studies (though small studies) with endometriosis -

"In the early 1990's, the Endometriosis Association found that 79% of a group of monkeys developed endometriosis after exposure to dioxin in their food during a research study over ten years earlier. The severity of endometriosis found in the monkeys was directly related to the amount of T.C.D.D. (2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin -- the most toxic dioxin) to which they had been exposed. Monkeys that were fed dioxin in amounts as small as five parts per trillion developed endometriosis. In addition, the dioxin-exposed monkeys showed immune abnormalities similar to those observed in women with endometriosis."

-- The Endometriosis Association

- and The Environmental Protection Agency in the US stated that dioxin caused them concern over 'the higher probability of experiencing endometriosis and the reduced ability to withstand immunological challenge.' (source: Take Control of Your Endometriosis). Feminine hygiene manufacturers are under no obligation to list the ingredients used or test the long terms effects of them.

I appreciate this may cause alarm - but rather than panic which is of course easy to do, until we know more, my personal route was to stop using these mainstream products and begin using organic sanitary protection only, all of which are made using organic cotton. Not only are these better for us, but they're better for the environment and are resulting in awesome companies founded by women and men who believe the female population have a right to know what's in the products they use and to be able to have the option of safe sanitary products. In addition to this, a large number of these brands are subscription companies, which makes life with endometriosis a whole lot easier. The number of times I've had to wander the streets in agony searching for organic pads and tampons is beyond counting and having my period essentials turn up at my door makes me feel like I have one more up on endo.

So below is a list of the coolest European based organic period subscription boxes around, some of them ship worldwide, some to Europe only, but all of them have awesome values. I will be doing a Part 2 with organic period subscription boxes from worldwide companies next week. Happy period shopping!


Time Of The Month

TOTM are based in Cardiff, but provide organic sanitary products worldwide. At the essence of their brand is the belief that every woman should have access to safe products and that these products shouldn't be harmful to the environment. They're vocal about the damage that the chemical laden mainstream products can do to both women and the planet and blog about these issues, as well as subjects like managing periods in school or the workplace. I've been signed up with them for about two months, and found it easy and quick to locate products and place my order. I get free shipping because I buy two products a month, tampons and night pads, costing £6.56. They always arrive on time, in cute eco-friendly packaging and both are good quality that haven't let me down yet.

Even if you don't go with TOTM, their blog is worth checking out. Have a read of Tampons: How Much Do You Know? which reports back on their own research into the subject and their interview with Danielle Copperman of the lovely Qnola.


Your Happy Period

Firstly I love these guys because everything is green - seriously, go check out their Instagram feed, it's lush. It's refreshing to see a period/female related brand that isn't pink. The second reason why I love Your Happy Period is because they raise awareness about the challenges girls face across the world due to lack of sanitary products, with a page dedicated to the issue, stating "Over 100 million girls and women in developing countries struggle with their periods every month. In lack of sanitary protection, sanitary facilities, and knowledge, many of them are forced to stay home during their period.". As a result, for every month a customer uses Your Happy Period, they supply a sanitary protection to women and girls worldwide.

At present, they are based in Stockholm, ship to Europe and keep to tampons, rather than pads. What's great about the way they pack your box is you have a choice to mix it up with mini, regular and super, so you don't have to buy a couple of boxes to meet the needs of your cycle. Very cool. You can also opt for different types of plans, for example, only paying once every six months. They are ever so slightly more expensive than some, but only just, and the fact that they donate to girls who need these products each month, more than makes up for that in my opinion.


Ginger Organic

Based in Copenhagen (so I like them already), Ginger offer a seriously wide range of sanitary options. They have their own menstrual cup, which I think is awesome, because for some reason in most places you have to buy them completely separately, as well as pads and tampons. Their website is in Danish and at present they deliver to Denmark, Sweden and Norway only, offering various plans delivered to your door or to your post office for larger orders (six month's worth etc). They even have a teen starter pack, which I think is super important and keep the environment high on up on their priorities, with various eco-certifications to their name.

So what do you think? Have I missed any out? Let me know! x

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