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Natural Treatment for Endometriosis: Hug Heatpack

Natural Treatment for Endometriosis: Hug Heatpack

'Hug' Blue Wearable Wrap Around Heatpack

Natural Treatment for Endometriosis: What is Hug Heatpack?

Hug is the "wearable heat pack designed to help soothe lower back or abdominal pain", designed by creator Fiona Bennington.

Hug is a microwavable heat pack that can be used over and over again, and adjusts to different sizes. It contains little gel pearls that retain heat, and also move around to create a massage feeling. The inside of a Hug Heatpack is lined with velvet so you can wear it against your skin and you can also wear Hug on your shoulders or around your head for migraine relief. Additionally, you can put Hug in the freezer if you're after a more cooling sensation for sore muscles etc.

The lovely Fiona sent this baby a few months back, but I've been holding onto it for a while so I can give it a real good test run, especially as my worst pain is only around my period these days.

I really like Hug - I think it's a great addition to your endometriosis survival pack, if heat's your kind of thing and it really helped me a little while back when I had what I suspect was a ruptured cyst.

What I Like about Hug Heatpack

  • It goes ALL THE WAY ROUND Y'ALL (I know I'm not American, I just really like saying y'all).

Am I the only one who literally wants to stick heat pads around their entire pelvis? Like I want a ring of heat around me. Plus I always feel that the heat pads I buy don't really push down on my skin hard enough, I always find myself having to push down on them to feel the heat I need.

Hug goes around your whole hip area. Now, the hot parts aren't continual the entire way round (though they're not far off), but you can shift where they sit on your body, so you could have some heat pads on the back, whilst Hug literally hugs your hips and front with heat. I know that might sound extra, but I think anyone with endometriosis will get how amazing this is.

  • It's reusable. Hug is microwavable and can be used again and again. Though I like to combine mine with heat pads if I'm in a really bad way, it's so useful not having to panic and realise I don't have heat pads in when the pain comes on. Additionally, heat pads are expensive and the cheap ones always fall off me! I wasn't keen on spending £5-6 every time I wanted some soothing from endometriosis, so this is a really easy solution to that.
  • You can reheat it. I hate it when heat packs start wearing off, especially when they still have four hours life left in them (apparently). Hug's heat cools down quicker, but you can reheat it continuously to keep your pelvic area warm and snug.
  • It's super soft. I really liked how the gel pearls moved around and were all squishy, combined with the velvet inner layer, it just felt really comforting - which is exactly what you want when you're in pain.


Things to Note About Hug Heatpack

Read the instructions. This is totally me being ridiculously on auto-pilot all the time, but at first I thought Hug didn't fit me at all - turns out when you read the instructions or watch the video below, it's pretty simple. You can fasten your Hug at three different points, so have a read so you can fasten it to fit you correctly and you really feel the benefit of being Hugged. :)

Using a Hug Heat Pack for Endometriosis Pain

You need a microwave. We don't use our microwave at home, and to be honest - it's gross. It came with our flat and looks like it's something from the 80s. It lives in the depths of our kitchen cupboard, so it's a bit of a pain to pull it out when I want to use my Hug, especially when I'm on my own. So just make sure you have easy access to a microwave to save you from yanking it out when your bent over double in pain already!

You can buy adjustable straps for different sizes. I'm a size 6 - 8, and I could do with Hug being that little bit tighter. However, Hug has a reduction pack for £3, for sizes 10 and below and they also have extension packs for sizes 20 + at £4.50.

It's a little bulky. Hug is a bit bulkier than your average heat pack, but it would definitely sit concealed under a jumper. Or you know, just wear it loud and proud.

Final Verdict on Hug Heatpack

I think Hug is really helpful if you like a good amount of heat for your endometriosis pain. It's a bit like wearing a hot water bottle. I definitely think it's good value for money, considering it costs 4 times that of a heat pack, but you'll be able to use it over and over again, unlike the disposable heat packs.

I really like to combine all of my natural treatment methods, so I team this with a TENS machine underneath, and sometimes a double whammy with some extra heat pads. I also like to use a magnesium spray directly on my skin before wrapping round the Hug, and I find yoga stretches really help too.

You can buy Hug over in my store and you can also find out more about Hug on the website.

Just a little note to mention this isn't a paid for post, but my honest opinion (even if it was paid it would always be honest! And I will only review products I genuinely like and think are useful to you).

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