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I'm a writer, podcaster and mentor empowering others to live and thrive with endometriosis.

Managing Endometriosis with The Endo Toolkit Online Program by Jessica Murnane

Managing Endometriosis with The Endo Toolkit Online Program by Jessica Murnane

Managing endometriosis with the endo toolkit

Managing Endometriosis with The Endo Toolkit Online Program by Jessica Murnane

Whether you're newly diagnosed or you've been knowingly living with endometriosis for a while, it can feel impossible to manage your endometriosis - let alone make an attempt at it. It took me a good few years before I even realised half the weird things going on in my body were to do with endo, and then it was another few years before I found out about the endometriosis diet, and other ways of managing it.

This is why I love Jessica Murnane. Jessica has spoken openly and honestly about her battle with endometriosis, and the lifestyle changes she made that transformed her health and enabled her to get out of bed. Jessica has now launched Know Your Endo, a comprehensive, simple and concrete platform for endometriosis awareness, education and support. Alongside that, she's running The Endo Toolkit online program, which supports anyone with endometriosis to learn about their disease and the best ways to manage it for them. There's expert advice, live sessions and a community page.

Enrolling on a course can sometimes feel like a big commitment, either financially or time wise. So I decided to chat with Jess to give you the low down on her course, so you can decide if it's good for you. For a free course tour, click here.

Managing Endometriosis with The Endo Toolkit

What inspired you to launch the Know Your Endo website, and The Endo Toolkit course? 

After writing my cookbook (One Part Plant) last year, I was overwhelmed by the amount of stories and messages I received from people about how reading my book was the first time they’d ever felt heard. It was the first time they’d ever seen all their endometriosis symptoms in one place. And for some, it helped them finally get a diagnosis. 

I was so confused/kind of mad about this. Why did it take reading a cookbook for these women to finally be heard? How was a book about gluten-free cookies and lasagna also a tool for diagnosis? I knew that I had to do more than writing a page in a cookbook about endo. I wanted to create a platform that provided everything you need to know about this condition. So I got to work. Know Your Endo was born! 

How did you decide what to include in the tool kit? There's so much information out there! What did you feel was most important to feature?

I started with the tools that transformed my life: knowing my endo, food, movement, stress management, natural products, and alternative medicine. I thought it was best to share from experience. And you're right, there IS a lot of information out there and there are a lot of practices and treatments being offered. But not all of them are in everyone's budgets or comfort zones. I wanted to offer tools that were practical and and also inexpensive (aka mostly, free). 

Who's The Endo Toolkit for and what can people expect from the course?

You can expect an amazing community of people! When's the last time you got to be in a space with ONLY people that have endo? Probably never. There will be a private community page for everyone to share their challenges and successes. But also, you don't ever have to say a word if you're a private person.

You can expect super practical tools to incorporate into your life. There is no cure for endo, but I want to provide you with tools that you can keep in your back pocket to make your days 20%, 30%, 50% and even 80% better.

You can also expect a lot of compassion for what you're going through. I have pretty severe endo and it was a huge obstacle in my life. I understand how dark it can feel. I'm teaching from that place. YOU will be the one that has to do the work, but I'll be along side you doing it and cheering you along the way. 

managing enodmetriosis with the endo toolkit


Can people do the course at their own pace or is it a live week by week course?

Definitely at their own pace! I understand that we've all got a lot going on. The beauty of this course is that you have access to it whenever it's convenient for you. There will be live weekly Q&A sessions with me...but even these will be recorded, and you can access them at anytime! 

What advice can you give to those who are just beginning to embark on managing their endometriosis better?

That simple changes can lead to big ones. I don't think it's about using only one tool in our life to manage our pain and symptoms, it's a combination of a few. It also might take a little time to figure out which tools work best for you.

My endo didn't change overnight. It took time time figure out what worked best for my body. But I had a foundation that I could build on. I want to help people create a foundation that works for them and then once they get the hang of it, they can build from there and put their own spin on it.  

For those who can't do the course right now, for whatever reason, can you give any simple guidance/suggestions to help them manage their endometriosis? 

We have a pretty great section on Know Your Endo called Ask A Dr. that gives incredible guidance from one of the top endo surgeons. If you're interested in creating diet changes in your life to help manage your symptoms, my book One Part Plant is a great starting point. And then we've also put together our favorite books, podcasts, films, and products to help support your treatment and management. You can find those here.

You can find out more about The Endo Toolkit and take a free tour here.

Early Bird enrolment is now open until Sunday 28th 8pm EST.

Regular enrolment runs until Feb 4th.

Course begins Feb 7th.

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