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Living with Endometriosis: The Endometriosis  Christmas Wishlist

Living with Endometriosis: The Endometriosis Christmas Wishlist

Living with Endometriosis: Endometriosis Alternative Treatment Christmas List

Image from Moon Juice

Image from Moon Juice

When it comes to Christmas presents from my boyfriend or parents, if I do have something in mind, I usually find that I ask for things I need, rather than want. I've also noticed that living with endometriosis can be pricey - I keep my costs relatively down by using the more affordable organic beauty products like Green People toiletries and Lavera make up and sticking to a few main supplements that I really need. But there are some products that I am dying to try, which will make living with endometriosis a bit easier, a bit more comfortable and a bit more luxurious. When you think of periods, a lot of the time (at least with endo), it's associated with stained knickers, feeling a mess and usually wearing your most worn out joggers or pjs. But one thing I really want to challenge in myself is this notion that pain and periods = the worse side of me. I often feel bloated, unattractive, and just about pulled together. But I think our periods should be the perfect excuse to pamper ourselves and make us feel good, after all, feeling more positive and generating a sense of wellbeing is only going to help us cope with the pain.

So below I've pulled a list together of some of the more luxurious endometriosis related products that I'm lusting after this Christmas:


Image from THINX

Image from THINX

I've been planning to do a post on THINX for way too long, but I'm still going to do it, so I'll keep this short. THINX design awesome underwear that you can wear during your period and even as a replacement for sanitary products. The underwear doesn't stain and prevents leaks, so you don't have to go through yet another couple of sets every month or deal with panic moments. I'm big on nude tones and blacks so love their designs and I also love the work they do. THINX are all about breaking the period taboo and work with charities to provide girls in the developing world with hygienic and safe sanitary options.

Neon Moon

Image from Neon Moon

Image from Neon Moon

Neon Moon is an awesome company to support. They create lingerie that embraces women's forms, underwear that's comfortable and fits to our bodies, rather than us having to fit into the lingerie. I don't know about you, but I basically hate bras - especially ones with harsh wire and itchy straps. When I'm on my period especially, I want underwear that is comfortable and kind to my body. Not only does Neon Moon provide this, but they also embrace women as they are - in all their un-photoshopped beauty. These guys are about body positivity and female empowerment. What's not to love?

Anything from Content Beauty and Wellbeing

living with endometriosis organic perfume


Content Beauty and Wellbeing is an online store and shop in Marylebone, providing the very best in organic self-care and beauty. It's not hard to spend a small fortune in there, so it's about being selective! I haven't worn perfume for a long time because of all the chemicals and toxins pumped into the process - my body and liver have enough to cope with, without having to filter out the unnecessary chemicals I spray on myself. But Content Beauty have a gorgeous range of perfumes, which I'd like to try. I haven't smelt this one yet, but I love the sound of the Hiram Green Moon Bloom perfume, with notes of ylang ylang and jasmine, which are two of my favourite flowers!

I also wouldn't mind one of their masks for sensitive skin (due to the inflammation in my body, my skin is red and sensitive). I make my own, but there's nothing quite like spoiling yourself with a really good face mask!

Yoga Lessons

living with endometriosis yoga

Living with endometriosis and managing the condition means continuously keeping your health in check. I work out at home now, whether that's yoga, pilates or toning exercises, but I do like the discipline and focus that comes with a class. I especially like ones in environments that are chilled and comforting. I always leave a class with a sense of wellbeing and positivity. I can get that from doing yoga myself, but I do find it's more powerful and special in a room with a real life teacher rather than YouTuber, there's something spiritual and nourishing about it for me. You can buy 6 week courses or 30 days etc and I think that would be a lovely gift to someone with endometriosis who is in need of a bit of 'me' time. My favourites are Globe House in London Bridge, though you'd have to call to see if you could arrange gift vouchers, and Triyoga in Covent Garden. Triyoga is usually pretty busy, so I'd go for Globe House if you/or an endosister you know is in real need of some zen.

Lush Spa Treatment

living with endometrosis massage

I'm lucky this year - my boyfriend bought me the most amazing foot massage at Lush and my mum treated me to an Indian Head massage and a back and shoulders massage on Sunday. I always opt for salons that use natural ingredients, as so many of the chemicals in cosmetic products have toxins in that can affect hormone levels and strain the liver. My treatment at Lush brought me such a sense of release that I almost cried, it was a very special moment and opportunity to connect with myself again and the massages at La Belle Du Jolie were a comforting and relaxing treat for my muscles. However, I really don't think you can have enough massages! Especially when battling a chronic illness - they help relieve tension and stress and aid our bodies to eliminate toxins and heal. I cannot recommend the Lush Spa more, it's like a little bit of magic bringing your tired body and soul back to life.

Moon Juice Dust

living with endometriosis nutrition

I only just found out about these guys after listening to an interview with founder Amanda Chantal Bacon on One Part Podcast. Sadly, their cafés are in America, but that doesn't mean we can't buy the products! I was fascinated by Amanda's story - she's gone through the experience of having a chronic illness and has witnessed how food has strengthened her body and weakened it. I'm desperate to try their Power Dust and Brain Dust - these powders are formulated with organic, raw and 'high-powered' natural ingredients, all working to heal, energise and support the body to be the best it can be. Power Dust sounds pretty appealing for us endo sisters - it helps balance hormones and thyroid, reduces inflammation, supports us in managing stress, whilst the Brain Dust helps us with mental clarity, alertness and memory, as well as with stress management. I find that living with endometriosis really takes a toll on my mental and physical energy and alertness, so I'd love to try these two out!  They deliver to the UK, but be aware of any additional taxes and duties that might get added on once they arrive!

What's making your Christmas list this year? Are there any goodies I should know about?! x

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