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Endometriosis Fatigue: Natural Ways To Boost Energy

Endometriosis Fatigue: Natural Ways To Boost Energy


You know that feeling when it’s only 11am and your eye lids feel like they’re made of lead and you’re so tired you can hardly lift a finger to type? Yep, I know that feeling too. So many of us have endometriosis fatigue, though not much is done about it medically. Whilst I’ve written about bigger lifestyle and dietary changes you could make to battle this symptom and feel more energised on a daily basis, if you’re in a energy slump right now and just have to get through, I’ve written about some of the natural ways to boost energy that I use to try and keep myself going until I can get to a bed again! Have a read of the snippet below or had straight over to Endometriosis News.

I’ve been experiencing stresses that affect my relaxation, resulting in an average of five to six hours of sleep a night. I’d argue that this isn’t enough rest for anyone, given the importance of sleep for overall health. A lack of sleep can exacerbate endometriosis symptoms. Dealing with fatigue, brain fog, and depression have been challenging for me, and sleep is one of the best ways to manage these symptoms. Chronic fatigue doesn’t just go away with a good night’s sleep; for me, it’s something that needs careful and nearly constant management.

I need at least eight hours of sleep a night, ideally nine to 10 (not that I always get that!). If I don’t have enough sleep, fatigue makes my day feel impossible. Recently I fell off the wagon and went back to caffeine, but with my period fast approaching, I know I have to cut that out again, or else I’ll experience heightened pain levels. And so I’ve been returning to natural ways to boost my energy.

The following low-energy day fixes have been my go-tos for several years. Of course, on some days, fatigue may bind you to your bed, and it’s important to listen to your body and rest when needed. However, if you need to (and can) make it through the day, these tips might help you.


Yoga helps focus my mind while gently energizing my body. It encourages awareness of movement, allowing me to be more present. If I’m drowsy from the get-go, then I’ll start the day with a really short morning session. If I begin flagging during the workday, I like to do an energy sequence, yoga boost, or focus and productivity session. Of course, this practice counts on you having the space to stretch during working hours. If you’re lucky, your work might have a spare room you could close yourself away in (and get a colleague to join in!) or you could head to the nearest gym on your lunch break.

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