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Endometriosis Anxiety: What's Making It Worse?

Endometriosis Anxiety: What's Making It Worse?

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I’ve spent the past several years getting really familiar with my endometriosis symptoms and associated conditions, like depression and anxiety. Equally, I’ve spent the same amount of time observing and changing my lifestyle and diet habits, and tracking how my body responds to these. It’s become very clear to me that certain diet choices and activities make my endometriosis anxiety much worse (I’m sure you can guess from the pictures what some of these things are!), so I did some research into the data and science behind my theories and found some really interesting evidence - which I’ve pulled together in one of my latest columns for Endometriosis News.

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Pinpointing Which Lifestyle Choices Worsen My Anxiety

Endometriosis has been linked to higher rates of anxiety, and it’s no wonder. There are so many stress-inducing circumstances that endometriosis introduces, and having to face these challenges over and over again can create a baseline level of general anxiety — meaning that we’re always in an anxious state at varying levels of intensity.

As I began to discover the links between my lifestyle, anxiety, and endometriosis, I made changes to lessen it. In the beginning, implementing these changes, such as looking for a new job, actually worsened my anxiety. But over the years, I’ve noticed patterns of times when my anxiety worsened, so I can now easily change some habits and see fast results.

I’ve written many columns about adding new habits and changes that improve endometriosis and the associated conditions such as anxiety, but today, I really want to focus on the things that I’ve actively avoided or reduced. This isn’t about restriction, but I’d be doing you guys a disservice if I only talked about adding things in and left you clueless about the other things that made anxiety worse for me.


You may notice that this list is similar to the list of triggers that worsen endometriosis pain. It’s not a wonder, really. Researchers are finding more and more evidence that sugar leads to issues like chronic inflammation, which can lead to further health issues.

I found that before I really cut down on sugar, or perhaps if I’ve had a few days off the endo diet, I could get away with eating one or two sugary things in a 24-hour period. If I was ovulating, this wouldn’t have too much of an impact on me. But if it was during my premenstrual phase, I could feel the difference in both pain and anxiety.

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