Endometriosis Awareness: The EndoStore

Endometriosis Awareness: The EndoStore

endometriosis awareness the endostore

As you know, one of the biggest things that gets me about endometriosis, is how it has slowed down my dreams. I hate scrolling through Instagram and seeing that women have had to leave jobs, or pause projects or change paths because of the disease. But another thing that I really want to get across is that I don't give up hoping or trying to reach those dreams. An endosister who has restored my hope once again is Krysta Johnson; founder of The EndoStore.

The EndoStore is an online space aiming to raise awareness for endometriosis through quirky, modern and cute clothing and accessories. And Krysta has left no blank canvas unprinted - she's got mugs, pencil cases, t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, phone cases - basically, the whole shabang. The prints include various messages, ranging from 'Endo Awareness', '#endosucks', '176 million #endostrong' to one of my favs 'My ovary hates me' (though I like to think we just misunderstand each other).

Krysta may have only started the EndoStore recently, but her dream began 12 years ago, when she was first diagnosed. Frustrated with the lack of support back then and the limited awareness and free help, she wanted to create something that empowered women and spoke to others like her. She designed the range, coming up with slogans and catchy phrases, but like many dreams, parked it until she was ready. Which turned out to be the beginning of 2017. 

Now Krysta has her store, and is partnering with affiliates to provide further support and opportunities for fundraising. 10% of each sale going towards sending a free item to a girl under 25 and I can sense that this is just the beginning of Krysta's path towards supporting other women and raising awareness. I hope to have Krysta on the blog soon, so watch this space! In the mean time, you can go have a browse of her lovely store. <3