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Vegan Copenhagen

Vegan Copenhagen

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My best friend/partner in crime and I went to Copenhagen for a couple of days a few weeks back now. Both of us are vegan and I had started my period the morning we flew out (of course) and was suffering from quite bad pain - I wore my TENS for nearly 48 hours straight! Not sure if that's advisable... So anyway, we needed to find places to go which were both endodiet friendly and vegan. We weren't disappointed. Though it rained heavily the first evening, we took the time to explore and stumbled across a vegan ice cream shop at the end of our road (I am envious of every single person on that street) and hit it the very next morning for breakfast.

So, here's my low down on...

Nicecream Copenhagen

Nicecream Copenhagen in Vesterbro, Enghave Plads is nothing short of vegan heaven. White walls, with minimal light woods benches and a scattering of cushions, the array of icecreams in the freezer are the focal point of the store.  Priding themselves on their values, Nicecream's sweet treats are organic, vegan and soy free, which is amazing for us endosisters, giving that we're still unsure about the affects on soya on estrogen and endometriosis. For extra brownie points, they also use only fairtrade ingredients, which is important to me, and use no refined sugar, which of course, helps a heap when flareups are often triggered from the white stuff.

The talented team behind these amazing ice desserts offer, in my opinion, some of the best ice cream options a gal could ever wish for. Most importantly: ice cream sandwiches. Seriously, these babies were to die for and they seem to be adding new flavours all the time. The first morning we were there my friend had coffee ice cream sandwiched between cookie dough, made from oat flour aquafaba (chickpea water) and plant butter, whilst I had a dreamy mint ice cream surrounded by double chocolate cookies, created using raw chocolate. Their ice creams are largely made using coconut milk, which gives a creamy consistency and a luxurious denseness, which really filled us up! We also spotted a few treats made with avocados and bananas, so you can dose up on your vits at the same time.

They also have two epic bowls - the Peanutbutter Bowl and the Acai Bowl, which sound and taste like some healthy but decadent ice cream sundae! I went for the peanut butter bowl (of course) which was made with frozen bananas blended with rice milk and peanut butter, topped with more peanut butter and fruit, then decorated with big slabs of raw granola and raw chocolate. It made for a super filling breakfast (I couldn't finish it, which is rare) and was packed with protein and energy from the bananas. My only warning for this would be if you're in some pain, this might not be the best option, simply because bananas have a lot of sugar in them and I always noticed an increase in pain if I eat them and I'm already uncomfortable.

Last but most definitely not least, are the popsicles. Which are quite simply some of the prettiest looking popsicles I've ever seen in my life, but sadly, I didn't get to try them because I wanted to eat all the sandwiches I possibley could in the short time I was there. Rest assured, I will be returning in May to sample every popsicle they have on offer. The flavours range from more veggie based, including a refreshing Carrot Peach made with carrots, orange, lemon and peach and the gingery Spinach Avocado which also contains oat milk and coconut oil. Additionally, they have some more fruity based flavours featuring Mango Passion fruit and some smoothie based lollies, such as the Strawberry Banana Vanilla, made with vanilla powder, fresh fruit and oat milk.

All the ingredients are healthy, with the juices for their popsicles being cold-pressed to preserve nutrients and all products being solely plant-based, without the addition of artificial chemicals or flavourings. This results in the goodies being filling, like really really filling. We had to skip lunch a couple of times and opt for a mid-afternoon snack because we were so satisfied and still not hungry a couple of hours on! Another big bonus is though they completely hit the sweet spot, they really didn't taste that crazy sweet - like your standard dairy based ice cream does. The combination of natural sugars and health conscious values, have kept the sugar levels down and as a result, I felt fine after the sandwiches, which I assumed might give me some discomfort.

So of course, as you can imagine, this joint was my favourite discovery in all of Copenhagen and I thoroughly recommend it to endo sisters or anyone avoiding dairy, wheat or are just trying to go for healthier options. Visit their FaceBook, Instagram or website for more info on their other store, pop up events or just to drool.

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