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My Top Podcasts for Feminism, Wellbeing and Productivity, Part 1

My Top Podcasts for Feminism, Wellbeing and Productivity, Part 1


How Podcasts Helped Me Battle Depression

It might sound weird, but when you're battling depression and some serious chronic illness symptoms, you need to get resourceful with ways to feel good. One of the biggest changes I've made this year and potentially the change that has made the biggest impact (yes, really), has been listening to podcasts.

I first got into podcasts in 2015, when I discovered the brilliant Radio Headspace, which I'll talk about later on. I was unable to take in much information last year as a result of depression and so couldn't get to grips with most other podcasts I checked out, I think on reflection, I was listening to the wrong types - they were overwhelming and heavy. Now I've found a range of favourites that cover some of the most interesting, useful and important topics to me: health and wellbeing, feminism, creativity, business and inspiration. These podcasts are the things that get me through the week, they cheer me up and motivate me - I end up pausing them to go away and Google something new I've learnt, I'm constantly bowled over by their awesome guests and their stories and I'm left buzzing with new ideas and fresh hope. When I'm feeling down, defeated or just uninspired, I tune in and they sort me out. There's something about podcasts having the same effect on you as having a really good conversation with a friend - they're intimate and honest and most often positive.

So I thought I'd give you guys a low down on my current favs. They probably come as no surprise as I'm pretty sure a few of these are making their way around best podcast lists all over the net, but hey, if they're good, they're good.

One Part Podcast


Okay, so this has to be my absolute favourite. This podcast is hosted by the incredible Jessica Murnane, author of the One Part Plant cookbook and One Part Plant movement. Jessica brings listeners 'lessons in next level inspiration' through interviews with a range of fascinating guests such as Jade Sezer and Ally Hilfiger, covering subjects from body image and nutrition to self-healing and making a positive change in the world. This podcast always leaves me with a bit of a feel good glow and with new ways to take care of myself and enrich my life.

Check out: Episode 61: Burnout, Stress and How To Recover + Reset with McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped

Ctrl Alt Delete


If for some reason you haven't heard of Emma Gannon, you need to go check her out right now.  Emma is a well known writer, runs the incredibly successful blog Emma Gannon (previously Girl Lost in the City) and is author of her debut book Ctrl Alt Delete. On top of that, she has this awesome podcast and does a whole lot of public speaking. Her podcast is funny, frank and motivating. She talks to powerful creative females, who have launched their careers online or use the digital world to their advantage, discussing topics such as feminism, freelancing, creativity and how to make the most of social media. I love this podcast because I am always learning something, especially on the subject of feminism and it's obviously a great way to give myself a boost when I need inspiration to keep writing and blogging.

Check out: Episode 40 with Laura Bates: Do We Need An Internet Police?


Girlboss Radio


Another girlboss you need to go check out is Sophia Amoruso. She is an extraordinary business woman, is the founder and CEO of the huge brand Nasty Gal, author of #GirlBoss and Nasty Galaxy and is just about to launch GirlbossTV on Netflix. In her podcast she interviews a ton of girlbosses - and what does she mean by that? Basically, women who are killing it. Her guests have "made their mark in creative, cultural, and business ventures" and Sophia draws on the major life lessons they have learnt on their way to success.  Girlboss Radio gives me the energy and determination to keep going when I feel like giving up, it teaches me that everyone starts from somewhere and it's quite often at the bottom.

Check out: Miki Agrawal, Co-founder & CEO, THINX

So, there you have it - the first three of my favourite podcasts. Get listening and be sure to let me know what you think of them on Twitter or Insta! Come back next week for more Monday motivation.


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