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A Guide to Vegan Copenhagen

A Guide to Vegan Copenhagen


BYOH Matcha Bar

My last post on vegan and endometriosis friendly eats in Copenhagen (until the next time) is for all you green tea fans - matcha fans to be precise. I've mentioned before that Pukka Supreme Matcha Tea is not only my face toner (cooled, of course!), but the only thing that gets me ticking in the morning and helps fight my fatigue. I also have matcha powder, which I use for smoothies and desserts and even vegan ice cream!

So of course you can imagine my excitement of when walking down the street in Copenhagen, only to see a chalk board directing me towards a green tea heaven. I grabbed Becky's hand and we ran across the road, storming into a sanctuary of white walls, nordic design, lush ferns and adorable succulents... and lots and lots of matcha.

Michael Mølgaard, owner of site Be Your Own Hero and the Byoh Matcha Bar, is a former athlete and stumbled across matcha several years back on a trip to LA. He experienced how beneficial matcha was to his health and performance and wanted to introduce the tea to Copenhagen and also kick start a movement towards healthier eating. His matcha bar isn't just about cute teapots. BYOH Matcha bar demonstrates just what you can do with green tea, healthy eating and imagination.

Of course, there's the classic matcha latte, made with their own cashew milk and even a Matcha Cashew Vanilla Latte, which I would recommend for first timers, as it's subtly sweet and the vanilla softens the taste of the green tea (though I love it!). There are six different hot teas and lattes to choose from, and as we're rolling into winter and Copenhagen will require oversized jumpers and thick socks, it's a great time to take a weekend break and try them all whilst reading a good book (urm okay that's now my birthday present to me).

ByMartina: Matcha Bar by

If however, you're looking to take a trip in the spring or summer, you won't be disappointed - seriously: Iced Matcha Elderflower (could there be a drink more perfect?), Iced Matcha Cashew Vanilla Latte, Matcha Coconut Water, Matcha Lemonade - they got it all (endo) sisters. Plus, as a bonus, they have ICE CREAM. Yup, more ICE CREAM. It's vegan. it's green and it's packed with antioxidants from the matcha, so it might just be the healthiest damn ice cream in Copenhagen.

If you're not just after a drink and soft iced goodness, there are some breakfast and lunch options too (there really just wasn't enough time to eat everything I wanted to in the city). Of course, no health bar is complete without a good old smoothie bowl, BYOH's comes whipped up with avocado and banana, flavoured with vanilla and topped with kiwi and granola - a pretty awesome breakfast in my opinion. Lunch has offerings for both vegans and meat eaters, featuring Japanese inspired rolls, with avocado, pointed cabbage, beetroot, sesame seeds and cashew nuts. And back to my favourite, the sweet stuff - you can treat yourself to a gluten free, refined sugar free granola bar, covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with matcha.

To me this place ticks so many boxes. I never want to go somewhere and feel like I'm ill, feel like I'm hanging out somewhere because I just can't jam anywhere else without it making me sick. BYOH Matcha Bar is ridiculously cool and calm, people love hanging out there, I mean the place is Instagrammed all the time - and you can see why, it's minimal and beautiful. The food is delicious and exciting, plus there's a big menu with plenty of options - you don't have to stick to one bland herbal tea and a sad salad. And as a very big bonus, for me, it's a great pit stop to fight my fatigue, when being a tourist threatens to get a bit much. I'm sure you know the feeling of being out with friends and you're the one who's flagging, but you're scared to have a coffee in case it's causes a flare up or stomach problems. I rarely have any issues with matcha, unless I'm in a lot of pain already, so I know it's a safe option to perk me up without affecting the rest of my day or dragging my travel buddy to some really lame place. Finally, it serves ice cream - green ice cream people, c'mon, that's cool.

You can find BYOH Matcha Bar just a 10 minute walk from the main station, in the best area in Copenhagen: Vesterbro. For the address, and some inspiring matcha based recipes to try out in your kitchen, visit Michael's site here

ByMartina: Matcha Bar by thisendolife

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