Financial Stress with Endometriosis

Recently money has been on my mind. It's not something we talk about that often in the endo community - but it's such a big factor. Financial stress with endometriosis is a problem I know many of us have to live with, whether it's because we don't get sick pay, the cost of insurance or maybe we've lost our jobs or have had to cut our hours due to the condition.

So I wanted to break that silence a begin a conversation about the problem and secondly, how we can empower ourselves to take control of our finances again.

Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle to Help Manage Endometriosis

To continue the theme of raising awareness for endometriosis management this March, I've recently written about tracking your menstrual cycle to help manage endometriosis.

There are many ways you can do this, and recently we've been reading Code Red in our Book Club, which has completely changed our understanding of our menstrual cycles, so we can work with them rather than against them. Getting to grips with your menstrual cycle can really help you understand what to expect and when to expect it when it comes to life with endometriosis.

This EndoLife Book Club Launch

Yep. You read that right - I'm launching This EndoLife Book Club!  Well, a virtual one that is.

Each month we will read a new book related to endometriosis, periods or related symptoms. The aim of our book club is to bring a sense of community and support, but also help us educate ourselves in order to live a happier and healthier life with endometriosis.

The new book will be launched on the first Saturday of every month, launching at the beginning of Endometriosis Awareness Week - March 3rd.

Coping with Painful Sex and Endometriosis

I couldn't talk about self-love all week without addressing painful sex, and I also wanted to do it from a place that was as inclusive as possible. Not all of us are in a loving relationship, and not all of us want to be, not all of us are in a safe relationship, or have safe associations with sex. There's a lot to it.

So over on Endometriosis News I've started addressing this issue as best I can, making suggestions for safe sex, improving your experience of sex and hopefully reducing painful sex. I'm not an expert, but I do link to some professionals in the column, so I hope this helps in some way!

Self-love Inspiration for When You Feel At War with Your Body

When living with endometriosis has got you dealing with bloating, inflammation, hormonal skin, tired eyes, pain and a body that can feel like it's struggling all the time, it's hard. There's no doubt about it. Some days it's really tough to shift these feelings, so this week I've written about my favourite brands and accounts for self-love inspiration for when you feel at war with your body. You can read the full column here on Endometriosis News.

How Can We Love Our Bodies More, Even With Endometriosis?

I know how hard it is to love our bodies when we experience so much pain through it. It's all well and good saying we need to love ourselves more, but how do we even start on that journey, when we feel so much detachment or even hatred towards it? So this week, to celebrate Valentine's Day, I've written about how we can love our bodies more, even with endometriosis, over on Endometriosis News.

How Does Self-Love Change Your Experience of Endometriosis?

It's Valentine's Day. A day which brings up all sorts of feelings - romance perhaps, but maybe guilt, shame and loneliness too? Yet today I don't want to talk about the romantic kind of love. I want to talk about the greatest love of all - the love you have with yourself, self-love. How does self-love change your experience of endometriosis?

Managing Endometriosis with The Endo Toolkit Online Program by Jessica Murnane

Jessica Murnane has launched Know Your Endo, a comprehensive, simple and concrete platform for endometriosis awareness, education and support. Alongside that, she's running The Endo Toolkit online program, which supports anyone with endometriosis to learn about their disease and the best ways to manage it for them. There's expert advice, live sessions and a community page.

Enrolling on a course can sometimes feel like a big commitment, either financially or time wise. So I decided to chat with Jess to give you the low down on her course, so you can decide if it's good for you.

Managing Endometriosis in 2018

I've written a piece for Endometriosis News on how you can spend some time working on your endometriosis experiences of 2017 and how you can move towards how you want to feel in 2018. This takes you through three stages you can use you reflect and set new intentions.

Endometriosis News: Becoming an Endometriosis Advocate in 2018

Last year was a great year for endometriosis in many ways (and menstrual freedom), we saw endometriosis debated in parliament across the UK and Australia, it continued to be covered by the press, and petitions made their way around the globe. If this year, you want to fight the patriarchy/end endometriosis/free the period there, are a number of ways we can change the experience of this disease for generations to come.