Five Ways To Have An Easier Period

Over the years I've learnt ways to make my period easier with endometriosis and have sort of created my own little period prepeartion guide that I generally abide by - and boy do I notice if I don’t! So I decided to share my guide with you guys…

Endometriosis Management: What I'd Do Differently If I Could Start Again

I get quite a lot of DMs on Instagram asking me whether going vegan helped me manage endometriosis and other questions that are related to specific changes and specific treatment. The truth is, whilst there have been some real game changers, it was an accumulative affect that helped me get to the point of being pain-free/low-pain most of the time. So for anyone starting out on this journey of endometriosis management, I thought I’d share my reflections on what treatments and changes worked, what didn’t and what I’d do do differently if I started all over again, over on Endometriosis News.

Natural Energy Boosters To Help Manage Endometriosis Fatigue

Endometriosis fatigue. It’s one of the most challenging and unaddressed symptoms of this chronic illness. Getting through the day can sometimes feel impossible (I’m having one of those moments right now!), but sometimes, even though we want to be kind to ourselves, we have to keep going. So in a recent column for Endometriosis News, I wrote about my favourite natural energy boosters to help you get a burst of energy and reduce endometriosis fatigue, even if just for an hour or two.

Endometriosis Anxiety: What's Making It Worse?

I’ve spent the past several years getting really familiar with my endometriosis symptoms and associated mental health conditions, like depression and anxiety. Equally, I’ve spent the same amount of time observing and changing my lifestyle and diet habits, and tracking how my body responds to these. It’s become very clear to me that certain triggers make my endometriosis anxiety much worse, so I did some research into the data and science behind my theories and found some really interesting evidence - which I’ve pulled together in one of my latest columns for Endometriosis News.

Endometriosis Fatigue: Natural Ways To Boost Energy

So many of us have endometriosis fatigue, though not much is done about it medically. Whilst I’ve written about bigger lifestyle and dietary changes you could make to battle this symptom and feel more energised on a daily basis, if you’re in a energy slump right now and just have to get through, I’ve written about some of the natural ways to boost energy that I use to try and keep myself going

How To Reduce Oestrogen Dominace Naturally

It's  now fairly widely acknowledged that people with endometriosis are likely to have oestrogen dominance. Oestrogen not only encourages the growth of endometriosis, but it also causes a heap of symptoms that can affect the quality of our lives and wellbeing, and are also very similar to endometriosis. This week for Endometriosis News I have been writing about how to lower estrogen dominance naturally.

The Link Between Oestrogen Dominance and Endometriosis

Fatigue? Depression? Brain fog? All symptoms of endometriosis, right? Well actually, there could be more to it than that, and by more to it, I mean oestrogen dominance. You may have heard of the link between oestrogen dominance and endometriosis, but it seems the actual symptoms of oestrogen dominance are much less talked about, especially how similar they are to the symptoms of endometriosis.