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ENDO SISTERS: Your Time To Thrive With Endometriosis


ENDO SISTERS: Your Time To Thrive With Endometriosis

The New Year can often bring about reflections on our previous year and our hopes and dreams for the year ahead. When you’re living with endometriosis, planning for life can be overwhelming.

Living with endometriosis can touch every area of our life, and challenge our mind, body and soul. It can separate us from ourselves, others, and our paths and can create an internal war between the life we desire and the life that we're experiencing.

But if we work with our bodies, endometriosis doesn’t always have to run our lives. 

On their own journey, Intuitive Healer and Yoga Teacher Vickie Williams and Endometriosis Writer and Coach Jessica Duffin, have been inspired by a range of tools, practices and natural therapies that have uplifted and transformed their lives. Lauren Lovatt, plant based chef and Plant Lab teacher has also found her own path to healing both body and mind with nutrient rich foods, creativity and beautiful dishes shared with loved ones.

Join Vickie, Jessica and Lauren for a day of empowerment, self-healing, sharing and nourishment. This Sunday retreat will offer you the opportunity to learn and discover tools for self-healing, self-care and endometriosis management for the year ahead. Share a delicious brunch that will not only revitalise your body but support your mind with mood boosting food. Release the pains and struggles of last year, learn any lessons and move forward into 2018 with a new set of intentions to help you move from just coping to thriving with endometriosis. 

- Learn yoga movements to support your own self-healing

- Call upon breathing techniques to dissolve fatigue and better manage pain 

- Connect with your sacral chakra and pelvic region through meditation to draw upon your wisdom within 

- Nourish your body, nuture your mind and soothe your heart as you share a beautifully prepared endo-friendly brunch with endometriosis sisters

- Envision and plan your own endometriosis-healing journey in 2018 with self-coaching techniques

- Find inspiration and motivation for the year ahead through sharing with a sacred circle of Endo Sisters

It's time to call your power back and heal body, mind and soul.

Be empowered to transform your life. Leave inspired to let your true light shine in 2018.

Vickie Williams is a Yoga Teacher, Reiki & Theta Intuitive Healer and Endometriosis Sister. Vickie runs workshops, retreats and one to one sessions to empower you with the tools to heal and change your life. It took a decade for Vickie to be diagnosed with endometriosis, and since that time nine years ago has found her greatest relief in holistic methods and lifestyle adjustments. 

Jessica Duffin empowers women to create a happier and healthier life with endometriosis through workshops, one to one coaching and her blog and podcast; This EndoLife. Jessica has been living diagnosed with endometriosis for seven years, previously worked for Endometriosis UK and has learnt to manage her condition through various forms of alternative therapies and lifestyle choices.

Lauren Lovatt is a plant-based chef advocating for better mental health and self-care. Passionate about what good food can do for the body and mind, her recipes specialise in nutrient dense dishes that deliver on health as much as they do flavour. Lauren has trained with world-renowned chef Matthew Kenney, and spent the past few years as Head Chef vegan café Asparagasm in the Cotswolds. She is now in Barcelona, developing her new venture; Mind Candy and teaching at Matthew Kenney’s PlantLab.