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This EndoLife Mentoring

This EndoLife Mentoring is for individuals looking to live a more fulfilled life with endometriosis by finding better ways of managing the disease and through making positive lifestyle changes.

Mentoring provides a safe space for you to discuss your hopes and dreams, and the fears and challenges that endometriosis brings to these. The aim is to support and empower you to to create a life that you enjoy and minimise the impact endometriosis has on your ability to live that life.

    Together we can -

    • Help you understand the varying symptoms of endometriosis and the ways it is affecting you
    • Look at the ways your are managing endometriosis now and discover what is helpful and perhaps what is no longer serving you
    • Heal the relationship you have with your body, cultivate self-love and develop a healthier and more positive approach to living with endometriosis
    • Explore the types of alternative therapies available to you and tailor a plan that suits you according to your needs, beliefs, budget and personal preferences
    • Explore the lifestyle changes we can make that will allow greater health support, strengthen your resilience and boost your happiness
    • Look at how your work life balance could be improved and enables you to take care of your well-being
    • Support you within your relationships, enabling you to communicate your challenges and needs to others in a constructive way
    • Improve your social life, finding ways to connect with loved ones in a fun way that allows you to still prioritise your health needs

    How does mentoring work? Mentoring is like having a buddy, but with a bit more structure. We will have an initial session, which lasts 1.5 hours, to discuss where you're at and what you'd like support with. From there we can decide if this is the right form of support for you, and how long we would like to work together. Usually, mentoring will last up to three months. Sessions last for approx 1 hour and take place every week or every other week and are tailored to a time that suits us both. Often and if applicable, we will work towards some goals so we can track our progress and see the difference mentoring is making to your life.

    This EndoLife Coaching

    This EndoLife Coaching offers all of the above, but is also for individuals looking to achieve particular outcomes around endometriosis or whilst managing endometriosis. Coaching is focused on set outcomes and goals and is much more tailored around taking action and being accountable for those outcomes.

    This EndoLife Coaching may be particularly helpful if:

    • You are an ambitious individual looking to find a career or create a business that boosts your sense of purpose and wellbeing and enables you to take care of your health
    • You are working towards a goal or on a project but need to support to help balance this whilst living with endometriosis

    How does coaching work? We will have an initial session, which lasts 1.5 hours, to discuss where you're at and what you'd like support with. From there we can decide if this is the right form of support for you, and put together an agreed set of out goals and outcomes to work towards and how long we expect these to take.  I recommend a minimum of three months, but this is of course flexible. Sessions last for approx 1 hour and take place every week or every other week and are tailored to a time that suits us both.

    Additional Packages

    Alternative Therapy Packages: I work with a network of wonderfully supportive and talented women. If during mentoring we discover you feel the need for more work in certain areas, I can refer you to professionals in the following fields or arrange to create a tailored session of Mentoring/Coaching combined with one of the below therapies - Womb Massage, Herbal Thrush Treatment, Herbal Treatment for Endometriosis, Yoga for Endometriosis, Theta Healing for Endometriosis, Reiki for Endometriosis

    Why Work with me?

    I once had another life in fashion and even set up a magazine! But after that, I had a second life in charity. My work in charity was specialised to support vulnerable groups through mentoring, advocacy and coaching. The years I spent in this work allowed me to witness the incredible difference this kind of support can bring to a person’s life.

    I have both volunteered and worked as staff for Endometriosis UK, first running a physical Support Group and then managing and leading the Advocacy Programme, and other volunteering programmes across the country.

    I have set up mentoring and coaching programmes in both Nepal and South Africa for women, girls and vulnerable communities. I have supported women and girls who are survivors of domestic violence, trafficking and abuse, and have also worked directly with young females experiencing various forms of abuse and hardship, including medical.

    Whilst I am not a medical expert or nutritionist, I am here to help you discover a better way to manage endometriosis, one that suits you, fits your lifestyle and enables you to not just live, but thrive with endometriosis.

    Is Mentoring/Coaching Right for Me?

    This EndoLife Mentoring and Coaching is right for you if:

    • You are over 18 years of age
    • You believe you can feel better than you currently feel
    • You are open to alternative forms of therapy
    • You are ready to proactively make positive life changes

    Prices: Please get in touch for prices and discount packages.

    Please do not let cost put you off - if mentoring/coaching feels right for you but your worried about price, get in touch and I will do my best to support and accommodate your needs.

    Pay It Forward:  If you can, and would like to support other women to access mentoring or coaching, you can make a donation which will help others to receive this service.

    Safety First: Mentoring/Coaching is not medical advice or counseling. Whilst I can signpost you in the right direction for this support, it is important to state that I am not a trained mental health professional or doctor.

    Getting Started: If you feel like mentoring or coaching might be something you're interested in, just fill out the form below and we can have a chat about how we may be able to work together.

    I look forward to hearing from you! x

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