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Things I'm Afraid To Tell You

Thursday night I woke up in a blur of pain, scrambled for some painkillers and when I was awake enough to realise the full extent of the pain levels I was experiencing - sobbed my heart out. Part of me cried because I felt ashamed that I was in this state, suffering so badly, when I am writing about living with endometriosis and thriving despite the disease. Yet here I was doubled over unable to control these seriously great waves of pain and heaves of heartache going through me.
So I wanted to be honest with you. I wanted to talk about this experience, but also share with you some of the other struggles I have when living with endometriosis, the stuff I'm afraid I'll be judged for. So here they are - the things I'm afraid to tell you about my life with endometriosis.

From Pain to Power: Why Endometriosis Calls for Strength, Not Sympathy

This year has been an exciting yet hard year for me. I've really worked on going from pain to power. I've done my best to transform some of my life's more difficult challenges into some of my biggest successes and ways to help others. But, it appears that there are not many who see my life with the same rose tinted glasses. 

In this post I talk about the challenges around how others view women with endometriosis and why we need to be met with strength, not sympathy, when battling this disease.